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Jan 13, 2012 06:07 PM

A sparkling white wine that isn't in glass

I would love to make mimosas this year at coachella in the camping area, but there is no glass allowed. Are there any sparkling white wines that are sold in a can or box that anyone has heard of? It doesn't need to be great. Any ideas appreciated, thanks!

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    1. I have seen prosecco sold in cans, but it was in Britain. I don't know if you will be able to find prosecco in cans in the U.S.

      1. You could open a bottle and pour it into an empty plastic soda pop bottle.

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          Thanks everyone
          I've actually seen that Coppola at Bevmo, so that could work. I am scared if I pour it into another bottle it will go flat, but I was thinking about doing that as well.

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            The trick is to fill the bottle, it's the air space that allows it to go flat. Sounds like the cans are the best bet though if you can get them easily.

        2. Well, Coppola did a sparkler in his daughter's name (Sophia), that came in a little box, with a plastic straw. I got one as a gag gift, but have to say that I never tasted it, and it got lost somewhere.


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            Bill, it is still available and it comes in CANS (187ml) with a straw attached to the side. 4 cans come in a box. It's a little on the sweet side (a blend of chenin blanc, riesling, & muscat), but is quite popular here in the South OC, especially for picnics, boating, and limos.

            See harryharry's link above.

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              I greatly appreciate the info, as always, but wonder if this was something that I dd not need to know... [Grin] Way back when, it was a plastic-coated box, like the juices that kids drink, with a straw glued to the box. That was "good enough" for me.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I'm sure you're mistaken (or the gag gift was just a gag and not really sparkling wine). A sparkling wine, like soda pop, would never be packaged in a tetrapack, it would just bulge and leak, it would have to be packaged in something that can contain the pressure.

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                  It's, as you say, something neither of us really need to know, but Sofia has (as best I can tell) always come in cans. [


                  Now you've got me curious as to what you had. Could it have been a test of some sort, given your involvement in the trade?