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Belgian waffle makers?

I'm looking for a real good waffle maker. From the reviews on Amazon I have read, the KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker seems to be the best choice. The Waring Pro's are a lot cheaper but, reviews say they don't cook evenly or have bad hinges. Are there other brands I should consider in the ~$100~$200 price range?

What do the Chowhounder's recommend?

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  1. I had a Krups square flip one that I think set me back $130 a few years ago. Don;t even think about it. While the waffles came out OK, the handle snapped after not much use. I do not know the model offhand but I have a waring that has held up for a couple of years with no issues.

    If you have young kids, cuisinart has a fairly inexpensive non-flip model that did "pull apart" waffle sticks that was very popular for my kid until he grew up.

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      They're one of the best dust collectors I own!

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        I have bought 5 or 6 including the KitchenAid Pro..but they were returned when I found the All Clad 2 or 4 waffle maker made for Williams Sonoma...perfect waffles...finally!!! and built like a tank,,,,crispy outside even color...and soft inside.... here's a link....


    2. I have had really expensive Belgian waffe makers and really cheap ones. The really expensive ones did not make better waffles. I happen to be in the market for a new Belgian waffle maker because my all-time favorite 30 year old very inexpensive Rival model is no longer "non-stick" because a housekeeper thought she was doing something great by taking the grids out and running them through the dishwasher. She killed my favorite waffle iron! The point of this is to share with you that the most important thing to look out for in shopping for any waffle iron today is how the handles are made and how they fit near or around the plates. I've been making waffles for well over a half century, and I have yet to make a full batch of them without having at least one mild to heavy overfill come boiling out from between the plates and run down the side of the machine. MANY waffle irons today have handles with large flat surfaces that run right across the front of the iron, and that is where the overflow will go. This is the one I ultimately ordered this morning because it has the least offensive handles. I hope I'm happy with it!


      1. Is the KitchenAid Pro Line the one that is double sided? If so, then yes, it is the best choice. I did a bunch of research before buying that one last year and I haven't regretted it in the least. It's built like a tank, stays hot forever after you turn it off and the two waffle at a time feature is awesome. You can crank out waffles for a huge number of people in no time. No more waiting for the other waffles to get done so everyone can sit down and eat. The quality of the waffles is excellent -- crispy on the outside, tender on the inside (I've used both yeast and non-yeast batters with success). The waffles are huge and it's easy to start with a quarter or a half of one, which means in the first batch (4 minutes) you can feed 4 - 8 people. I built an entire dinner party around that waffle maker -- 4 different batters, a bunch of different mix ins and a bunch of different toppings. Most excellent!

        I really can't recommend my KitchenAid waffle maker enough. We call her Gertrude. :)

        Be warned, though, that it is huge and heavy. Make sure you have someplace you plan on storing it.

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          Hey TorontoJo,
          I'm in Toronto and looking for a waffle maker. Where did you find had the best price for the KitchenAid ProLine?

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            I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They did not have it in store (even though it's on their web site), and have to order it for you. But you can use the 20% off coupons that they regularly put out for it. It was still expensive, as you have to pay for shipping. I think with the coupon, shipping and tax, it came to around $240/$250 total. I didn't search particularly long and hard for it, as the BB&B site came up pretty quickly and I had a coupon. Cayne's doesn't have it. Sears has it for $299 (BB&B was $239).

            Note that you can't use the 20% coupons online. But if you go into the store, they will order it for you and apply the coupon. It still ships to your home.

        2. They're one of the best dust collectors I own! If I didn't use it once or twice a year I'd move it to the garage with the best of the best dust collectors like my electric tortilla press.

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            Possibly true for many. Hard to say.

            I make sourdough waffles for Sunday breakfast every week. My grandson eats tiny peanut butter and whole wheat waffle sandwiches from the freezer leftovers through the week. They make for a complete protein and portable nutrition. We also sometimes have our chili over cornmeal waffles. Crisp whole wheat waffles are a great base to give new life to leftover chicken stew . So waffles are popular at my house and if my waffle iron broke I'd be out looking for my next one ASAP.

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              Dust collector or not, the truth is that when you need a waffle iron, there is NO substitute! Well.... Unless you're like my poor demented son who scorns my fantabulous very own recipe buttermilk Belgian waffles that are crispy on the outside and so light and fluffy inside they could float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in favor of some yucky stuff that comes in a box marked "Eggo." Where did I go wrong???

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                  For at least the last decade, I have sooooooo wanted a pizelle maker! But I just know I would make pizelles once, maybe roll a few of them into ice cream cones, and then the pizelle iron would sit on a shelf the rest of my life... At least I use my Belgian waffle iron five or six times a year. Well, three anyway.

            2. We have a Calphalon that I'm happy with. It's square rather than round. That means that we always end up with squarish-round waffles but that doesn't effect the flavor at all. But it also means that I can get larger waffles out of a single load which makes a difference if you're making for for than 2 people so there's a trade off.

              It was probably about $120. It has a pretty compact shape and the look is sorta sleek. It's pretty easy to wipe clean. It has a thermostat that operates a chime when it's up to the selected preheat and again when the waffle is done to the selected intensity. The non-stick coating has been holding up over a period of 6 months or so of consistent use.

              1. I have a VillaWare I got several years ago at a WS clearance for under $50. It flips the waffles and gets fairly regular use. I also started using cornstarch in lieu of about a quarter of the flour. Add a splash of vanilla and a bunch of chopped pecans and you have a very tasty receptacle for maple syrup and butter.

                The surface is nonstick, but before Each batch (not each waffle) I spray a little Pam. I do it mainly so the outside will crisp better. I never wash it. I figure the last few waffles dd the cleaning for me.

                If I were buying a waffle maker today, I'd probably look for a cast aluminum one without the nonstick coating, but since I have this one already I am willing to put any canaries that might fly into my house at heightened risk to avoid putting another waffle maker in the landfill.

                1. I don't know if it will meet your needs, but I have the waffle inserts for my Cuisinart Griddler and am very happy with them. Cheaper than a dedicated waffle maker an takes up less space.

                  1. http://www.ebay.com/csc/i.html?rt=nc&...

                    Ye old Nordic Ware stove top can't be beat. Used to have one and used it a lot but it got "lost in the shuffle" so to speak

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                      I have one which I have had for more than 13 years. It fell off the roof of the car as we headed out of Brooklyn once and still makes the best waffles you'll ever eat.

                      BUT you have to have a gas cook top.

                      (It also makes great grilled cheese!)

                      ps: Their recipe for Belgium Waffles (yes, that spelling) that comes with the maker is awesome.

                    2. There is a company called C Palmer that manufactures waffle irons in the USofA with a 10 year warranty. I have never seen or used one and their website doesn't provide much info. It might be something worth looking into. We have an old Vitantonio we use maybe 2 or 3 times a month, usually for Sunday breakfast. I don't think Vitantonio is made anymore but you might find one on eBay.

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                        I too, have an old Vitantonio, love it...doesn't get used all that much anymore since the kids are gone...but I love it. I am now looking for a replacement leg. It was broken in one of our last moves. For now I am propping it up with a cutting board underneath! lol It really does make the best waffles!

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                          I loved my Vitantonio but it quit working many years ago. Now I'm using a stove top bare cast iron Griswold waffler.

                      2. I just used by Waring Pro Double Waffle Maker for the first time, and was very happy. It cooks two waffles at once, and the waffles were crispy outside and moist and delicious inside. I got it on E-Bay for $74.99 with free shipping. It arrived within two days. It's really nice for the money.

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                          Figured I'd give an update. After more than a year and a half, I still really like the Waring Pro Double. The waffles are crisp and it's great being able to cook two Belgian waffles at the same time. I'd purchase it again.

                        2. Definitely the Kitchen aid pro line- it weighs a ton and you get a workout putting on the counter. it is fabulous!
                          I actually got mine with aeroplan miles, they are never on sale so this worked for me.

                          1. Has anyone tried the Breville at Williams Sonoma yet? It costs a small fortune but like all their products it's built like a tank.

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                              I'm considering the All Clad one at Williams Sonoma but think I'd be insane to pay $200 plus tax. Any ideas?

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                                I have the Waring Pro referenced above and it makes absolutely perfect waffles. We got sucked in by the smell of the seasonal waffle mixes on a recent visit to W-S and picked up a couple of canisters. The waffles from the Waring were beautifully and evenly browned, crisp -- just perfect. Less than half the price of the All Clad (even with a can or two of W-S overpriced waffle mix).

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                                  Costco sells the single waffle Waring for $40. A bargain in my book.

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                                      Do you have one of these? I've been reading reviews on Amazon (the bad ones stab me) and get discouraged. At least if I buy from WS or Costco, I can see what I'm getting and return it if there's a problem.

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                                      I was looking at one of the rec Waring Pros on Amazon and it was no longer available; which one do you rec?

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                                        I have the Waring Pro Dual. I've only had it for about 6 months but we are extremely happy with it. Great non-stick surface, so finished waffles release easily and it lets you know when it's done with reasonable accuracy. I'd buy it again without hesitation.

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                                          I also have the Waring Pro Dual Belgian, and I also would buy it again. I haven't had a waffle fail yet.

                                          I also highly recommend Adam Ried's yeast-raised waffle recipe. You make it the night before and, if you want, leave it out at room temp and add eggs in the morning. It has a wonderful rich and complex flavor.

                                          It's the last recipe on p. 2


                                2. I'm surprised the Nordicware cast aluminium stovetop waffle maker hasn't been mentioned yet. It's ~$40-$50 brand new (found one on ebay for about half that), and its heating power is limited only by your stove power. It's made some incredible liege waffles with perfect carmelisation.

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                                    That is the one I referred to above. Should have included name/manufacturer. (And it really does make some slammin' good grilled cheese.)