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Afternoon coffee & pastry in Newton

Looking for suggestions for a place to sit with a friend for coffee and conversation, late afternoon.

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  1. Peet's? There aren't too many options... the Deluxe Town Diner is open between lunch and dinner as well.

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      Rosie's is a good suggestion. There are a lot of little villages within newton. If you are with someone who knows the area, seek one out.

    2. Newton is huge. What part?

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        Chestnut Hill area.

      2. You could drive over to Taste in Newtonville. An excellent coffee shop owned by the venerable George Howell.

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          Rosies in Chestnut Hill between the Shaw's and the movie theater.

        2. The coffee and pastry at Bread & Chocolate in Newton Highlands is just o.k., but it's very pleasant and the dining area is around the corner from the door so you won't get a draft on a cold day. It's fairly quiet in the late afternoon and so would be a nice place for conversation.

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            I like the cookies at Bread & Chocolate, and I agree that their sitting area would be very pleasant on a winter afternoon. Not exactly in Chestnut Hill, but not too far a drive down Rt. 9

          2. Cafe Vanille at the Chestnut Hill Mall. Really good French pastries and croissants.

            1. Lincoln St. Coffee off Walnut St. in Newton Highlands.