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Jan 13, 2012 04:43 PM

Afternoon coffee & pastry in Newton

Looking for suggestions for a place to sit with a friend for coffee and conversation, late afternoon.

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  1. Peet's? There aren't too many options... the Deluxe Town Diner is open between lunch and dinner as well.

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    1. re: Bugsey34

      Rosie's is a good suggestion. There are a lot of little villages within newton. If you are with someone who knows the area, seek one out.

      1. You could drive over to Taste in Newtonville. An excellent coffee shop owned by the venerable George Howell.

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        1. re: hckybg

          Rosies in Chestnut Hill between the Shaw's and the movie theater.

        2. The coffee and pastry at Bread & Chocolate in Newton Highlands is just o.k., but it's very pleasant and the dining area is around the corner from the door so you won't get a draft on a cold day. It's fairly quiet in the late afternoon and so would be a nice place for conversation.

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            I like the cookies at Bread & Chocolate, and I agree that their sitting area would be very pleasant on a winter afternoon. Not exactly in Chestnut Hill, but not too far a drive down Rt. 9

          2. Cafe Vanille at the Chestnut Hill Mall. Really good French pastries and croissants.