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Jan 13, 2012 04:29 PM

School lunches from 20 countries


I am sure that the lunches do not represent the average school lunch. But it is interesting.

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  1. Cool link. I would gladly eat some of the offerings from the Asian countries and from France. Mussels and frites! I work in a school and needless to say, I bring my own lunch. One person commented on how we were the only country to use disposable trays and utensils. What a shame.

    1. I love the artichoke!!! some of that food looks very good. I have to laugh, my son stopped eating lunch at school because he says the food is revolting. The seniors eat at a different cafeteria and the food is different.

      1. Yes, I agree that the meals do not represent the standard USA lunch. Not that I work in a 'standard USA' school, but the first USA lunch is a lot more food (albeit not 'whole' food) than my students get--for the free-lunch program. ... Which brings me to my question:

        Are these pictures of random lunches/random hot lunch? Or are these images of the free-lunch program afforded by schools-government for students of a particular socio-economic class?

        1. That was fun to see. Sad to say the US lunches looked nearly the worst!

          1. Interesting--thanks for sharing!
            I had the feeling that's about what I'd be seeing. I had an exchange student from Thailand 2 years ago and I packed her lunch with rice with veggies and some meat and sauce so she could assemble her own meal. She said all the kids would crowd around to see what she was eating each day. School lunch was one part of our culture I felt she didn't need to soak up :/