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Jan 13, 2012 04:24 PM

Solo lunch -- enjoy bar seating, good wine

Arriving into Las Vegas well ahead of my friends and just in time for lunch. I'd like to sneak in a good meal by myself before everyone else arrives. Eating at the bar is a favorite pastime of mine, solo or not. That said I'd love to hear some recommendations on a place where I can have a leisurely lunch at the bar. I'm thinking multi-course and having a good wine list, not overly formal but not a glorified diner either. Staying at MGM Grand and thought l'atelier joel robuchon would be good but they're a dinner only place. Any thoughts on Comme Ca @ The Cosmopolitan? Others?

I'm not in any way tied to eating at my hotel...any suggestions for a solo diner?

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  1. I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy Emeril's at the MGM for solo dining at the bar, and they are open for lunch. I was actually in a similar situation just a few days ago, trying to squeeze in a solo meal on my way out of town. I had a reservation at L'Atelier but canceled at the last minute because I was hungry and figured I'd be lucky to get six bites of food and a glass of wine for my $150. At Emeril's I had a decent crab cake, excellent main course of gulf flounder with lobster and sauce Americaine, dessert, two glasses of good wine, and a Macallan for $120. The food may not be as refined as you would hope for but you can always count on Emeril for a solid, well-priced wine program and a casual good time.

    1. Sage has a nice bar and a nice wine list (not to mention nice beers). Some of their appetizers are amazing.

      1. Thanks for the response guys. I hadn't thought of Emeril's but that just might work!

        Looks like Sage is a dinner only place but does look pretty tasty.

        Anyone have an opinion on Comme Ca?

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          funny, i was going to recommend comme ca. try the penicillan (sp?) cocktail with a dozen oysters and a burger. a great lunch.

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            I officially withdraw my recommendation for Emeril's in favor of Comme Ca, even though I've never eaten there, based solely on the fact that they have the Penicillin on their cocktail list. I've been lusting after that drink since the last time I had it at Milk & Honey in NYC. Comme Ca will be on my short list for my next trip to LV!

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            Had lunch at Comme Ca last summer. It was good but not great. Of course we just had a charcuterie plate, a frisee salad, and some kind of toasted sandwich. Never thought I'd be saying this, but the head cheese was very good.

            I can imagine going back there if it was convenient but I wouldn't go out of my way for lunch.

          3. stayed at the mgm last may and did a lot of bar "dining" with my friend. we would get a glass or two of wine and a few dishes and/or apps. we had very good experiences at nob hill and fiamma at the hotel. we also had high regards for jaleo, fleur, rm seafood, border grill, and morels.

            1. I'm in LV now, & looking for exactly the same kind of thing! Lunch is astonishingly difficult!!

              Today I had lunch at Fleur at Mandalay Bay, & was very happy with it. Could be just what you're looking for. I had green gazpacho shooters with an oyster -- nicely spicy, big cilantro, & very well balanced, & a big, classic style caesar salad with just a hint of truffle oil. I was looking to stay very light, but the rest of the lunch menu looks very nice too. Definitely gourmet sensibility & touch, without necessarily breaking the bank.

              On previous trips, I've done RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay & Mon Ami Gabi, which are very nice & satisfactorily "foodie-ly". I haven't tried Morels at Palazzo -- I was by there once for lunch & it was dead-empty -- or Olives at Bellagio; both of those menus look promising.

              Emeril's is fine, & does a solid job of a nice, light oysters & salad kind of lunch. And is convenient for staying at MGM. I haven't found it to be particularly worthy of destination-dining though.

              I don't know why there aren't more foodie lunch options!