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Where to buy Pork Fatback in central NH?

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Anyone know any butcher shops or grocery stores in central NH that carry pork fatback? And will sell it in less than 100 lbs?

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  1. I think I've seen it in Market Basket.

    1. Saw some beautiful fat back (also leaf fat) at the Tilton Farmers Market (Saturdays 10am-2pm) in the former Agway store on Rt 3 (south of the outlet malls). The pork is raised by Phoenix Hill Farm in Boscawen NH (I93, exit 17). They said people can call to pickup at the farm. I was only interested in a small package for salt pork purposes. The packages they were selling at the winter market might have been 5-10 lbs. I say beautiful because they were cooking up pork and fat back in an electric skillet and giving out samples.

      I did not happen to check with the other meat vendors for availability and prices. Some of the winter markets have a good list of their vendors on their websites. There might be a place closer to you.

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