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Korean for One

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I have found it difficult to go to many Korean restaurants without at least four people to really get the full experience. As I am a night person who often dines alone, I would appreciate suggestions.

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  1. Hi.. How about Tofu-Ya, on the Sawtelle blvd. corridor in West Los Angeles?

    1. Nakwon and Hodori, both on Vermont and 6th(maybe a little more south) are great for lone diners and are open 24hrs.

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        its vermont and olympic. best after 2am for hoochie action. food is so so. during regular business hours go elswhere.

      2. Thank you for the suggestion. Any major differences between Nakwon and Hodori?

        1. i often go to BCD at 3 in the morning. because, you know. trying to call friends at that hour for some soon du bu can be a bit... strange.

          1. Jeon Ju for Bimbimbap is just fine for one... believe me, you WON'T wanna share! ;)


            1. Nakwon and Hodori have basically the same menus.. both are good. If I remember correctly, Nakwon has more soup dishes. If Hodori is too busy, I'll go to Nakwon and vice versa.

              1. Hodori and Nakwon are good options for late-night eating when nothing else is available. However, you can find many restaurants that serve better food... These restaurants cater to the late night drinking crowd, which might be what you're looking for? Maybe some more information would help...

                How late at night are you talking about?

                What is it that makes it difficult to eat Korean food without three other people? Not getting enough of a variety? Too much food?

                1. Well, the answer to your question is both from a food portion/selection standpoint and the feeling of eating alone in a place full of families and friends.
                  I work in Hollywood overnights (11p-6a) and generally eat before work (approx. 9PM).
                  I do not drink and know what you are talking about as I have had run ins with slightly intoxicated young Korean gentlemen who generally leave me alone after I scold them with my old lady finger wag.
                  Mandu Soup and Bulgolgi, while a bit too much is sort of what I like. I try to keep the bill under 20 dollars.
                  Which is why places like NakWon work. I like their PanChan selections and we are getting to know each other, however variety would be nice. Hope that explains me.

                  1. Behind Nakwon and Hodori is a small plaza with two good restaurants. It's across from the korean market on Olympic.

                    If you like soon du bu, you should check out So Kong Dong. I prefer it over the BCD chain. Their panchan is good from what I remember. I see people eat there by themselves all the time. I like their mandu soon du bu. Also, I believe they have kalbi and bulgogi too... avalible in combinations.

                    A couple doors down is Jeon Ju. It's a dor sot bimbimbap place. In my opinion it's the best dor sot bimbimbap I've had in K-town. Hodori and Nakwon don't even compare. The last time I went they exapnded the menu to more than bimbimbap and their food improved over the last time I went. Panchan was also very good. The bimbap was perfectly crispy from the hot pot. Sometimes you get a hot pot that's not that hot and only a tiny bit of the rice gets crispy, but my experience at Jeon Ju is that that pots are very hot and make the whole bowl crispy throughout. The rice was at a perfect consistency... hot, crispy, but not burnt. If you go try the kalbi dorsot bimbimbap.

                    1. I take it that you do not cook offen... Hodori is a nice joint except that it's crawling with late night party animals. If your Bold and courage to eat alone, than you should try it...

                      1. For solo dining, your best bets are Korean places that don't do BBQ at your table. Then you won't run into the family/big group situation. In addition to the ones mentioned above, I would recommend Madang and Elephant Snack Corner. They're both on Western right across from the Koreatown Plaza, just south of Olympic, on the west side of the street, in different plazas. Also a good choice for noodles is Olympic Noodles. It's on Olympic just west of Norton on the south side of the street. And of course, there's a plethora of places in the Koreatown Plaza food court. But I'm not sure how late these places open.

                        1. My ability at cooking is only surpassed by my ability to walk through brick walls and perform brain surgery...at the same time.
                          Thank you all for the suggestions. I was at NakWon last night and over ate by ordering both the Galbi and the Mandu Soup.
                          I either have to change my diet or find a friend!

                          1. I recommend Soot Bull Jeep on 8th St. in downtown where you can bbq at your table. I was solo last Saturday at 6:30P and it was crowded with families. I guess I got lucky. On the menu it says a minimum of two orders, but they let me order just the galbi.

                            If you're in Pasadena/Arcadia, I recommend Young Dong Garden on Huntington.