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Jan 13, 2012 03:05 PM

Mount Everest, Nepali cuisine; Telegraph Av in Berkeley

This is our go-to place. It is the site of the former Tandoor Kitchen, on Telegraph (corner of Parker). Quite inexpensive.

Our favorites are Papadi Chaat, Veg Momo or Chicken Momo.
Also Okra (Bhindi), tandoori Lamb.
Mount Everest Herbal Soup -- good on a cold day.
I like the Goat curry; they don't always have it on hand. It has a lot of chewy bits so some others in our group don't care for it.
They have brown rice, a big plus for us. The garlic naan and onion naan are good.
We have ordered the dishes made "spicy" which is just right for us -- they also have "extra spicy" but we don't do that.

One of the few dishes we did not care for was Kukhura Ko Sekuwa: Chicken cube marinated with garlic in a famous Kathmandu sauce cooked in clay oven.
Also the Dal Bhat Tarkari turns out to be a "thali" platter with a lot of small dishes, hard to share with more than two people.

Every month or two, they have a new set of specials -- organic, and a bit more expensive than the usual items.
Very nice young people on staff.
Corkage $6; I think they have a decent wine/beer list, though we always bring our own. In warm weather they have seating outside on an upstairs balcony.

Mt. Everest Restaurant
2598 Telegraph Ave. , Berkeley
CA 94704
Phone : (510) 843-3951
Fax : (510) 843-3951
Email :
website: http://www.themounteverestrestaurant....

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  1. Finally got around to trying this place as Norikonoko changed its hours without notice.

    I tried a couple of dishes I'd never heard of from the organic monthly specials list. Tandoori catfish was nicely cooked, still juicy, spice rub similar to other tandoori fish dishes I've had but with a rasam-like Nepali sauce that I'd never had before, the server said it was in the style of Malekhu, a town known for its fish restaurants. Really excellent.

    Also from the specials list, daal pindalu, black lentils cooked with taro. Really good, creamy, never had anything like it. I ordered the top level of spiciness and this was actually pretty spicy by my standards. The server said they eat a lot of taro in Nepal.

    The chicken tandoori was excellent. The aloo palak seemed kind of average to me.

    Some old reviews:

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I believe there is no connection between this place and the place with the same name that was on Shattuck and University some years ago. The menu is quite different.

      1. re: Joel

        Much more interesting menu. No common ownership listed on the liquor license.

    2. Went again and tried the chhoilla ("chicken cubes marinated and cooked in a clay ovenmixed with traditional Nepalese spices"), a stir-fried chicken dish that tasted unlike anything I've ever had, sort of smoky / earthy / bitter. There were these crunchy bits some of which were apparently fenugreek seeds toasted until almost black, others seemed too big to be fenugreek and were maybe some other spice. The chicken was in thin strips rather than cubes and maybe had been grilled in the tandoor before being stir-fried with sliced onions.

      Googling chhoilla only finds stuff about that restaurant.

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      1. The Nepali goat curry (Khasi Ko Masu) was really good, ordered spicy and it was. I'll order that again for sure. Eggplant fritters in chickpea batter from the monthly specials menu were not bad. Palak paneer was good though not the best I've had in town. Bhindi bhaji (okra) was undercooked for my taste.

        1. I had the "veggie chow mein" ordered spicy the other night. I think it was spaghetti, anyway the seasoning was really good, nice heat level and mix of Indian / Nepali spices.

          Bheda ba bhenta, lamb cooked with eggplant, was good but not as interesting as some of their other dishes.

          Had a taste of chicken tandoori, that was surprisingly good.

          They asked us if the food was spicy enough, which it was. Nice reversal of the usual not making it spicy enough and then asking if it was too spicy.