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Jan 13, 2012 01:49 PM

Delray Beach dinner

Taking parents out for birthday dinner in Delray Beach (they're not too old).
Don't know the dining scene there lately...they liked Tramonti.
How's La Cigale?
Any other non-chain/non-italian suggestions?

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  1. OP there are plenty of posts on here about Delray just do a search on this board, we are pretty much up to date with the new and old places though I don't remember anybody talking about La Cigale though.

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        1. re: gblcsw

          From the website looks like same ownership as Tryst.
          Is Tryst worth a try?

        2. re: rcburli

          I like Tryst a lot. I go there all the time. It's a fun, friendly, fairly casual Gastopub featuring some very good food and excellent wine and craft beer. The outdoor area is very nice this time of year. Later at night, it can get loud and younger/hipper. But earlier in the evening it's a very good choice.

          32 East indeed is under the same mgmt. It's mostly indoors (there is outdoor dining but it's along the busy street) and more "elegant" than Tryst, but certainly not "formal". You're looking at more upscale/fine dining here prepared by acclaimed chef Nick Morfogen.

          You and your parents might also enjoy Max's Harvest. It's a few blocks off the Ave but features superb Farm-to-Table dining, and there's definitely a good number of more "mature" but still a little bit hip diners here. (yes that's me I'm describing) :-)