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Jan 13, 2012 01:37 PM

Need some recommendations for an online restaurant supply company

Anyone have any luck using on online restaurant supply house? I need a bunch of kitchen workhorse supplies (tongs, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, spatulas, etc) and refuse to buy them at Williams Sonoma or BBnB. I found one place called Peoples Restaurant Equipment that looks great and was just wondering if anyone has used them or any place like them.


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  1. I can get a lot of this stuff at Amazon (and have). With a Prime membership and free 2 day's pretty hard to shop elsewhere unless it's something they don't carry.

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      I have used Amazon, and it's great. But the prices at the place I mentioned are ridiculous. I'm just not crazy about the shipping and the "handling charge" they tack on the end. But even with those it's still cheap. Thanks!

      1. re: Zinful

        If you are getting a bunch of stuff it may be worth it (especially if you don't need it quickly). Trouble I have with many of these places is that if I only want to get a couple of things then I end up paying $10 for shipping for $15 worth of stuff. Then it takes 10 days to get here.

        I've used a couple of different places for odds and ends but have never used Peoples...

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          You're right! Amazon is great! It actually pays off to purchase in bulk and some products have a 2 year shelf life. About the shipping, its not bad considering in the end some products are still less than purchasing from the "middle man." There is a known restaurant just outside of Detroit called Lelli's of Auburn Hills, they purchase a line of awesome products called "Flavor Glow." These products where only available to through distributors and I can purchase directly on Amazon! Well at least some of their products hopefully all soon. Can't wait to see their line of baking goods!

          1. For our restaurant there are couple we used Ace Mart, Restaurant Equippers and most recently Central Restaurant. Central restaurant has really good customer service. I order the wrong item and they are letting me keep it and refunding me the cost also. Makes me want to order from them again.


            1. I order a lot of specialized baking supplies from J.B.Prince, but I have a local restaurant supply store when I get my usual supplies if I can't find them at BB&B.