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Jan 13, 2012 11:55 AM

Stuffed inside round called "London Broil"?

My husband picked up these patty like things marked as a London Broil. They are inside round stuffed with a seasoned pork mixture, possibly sausage and sliced into steaks or patties if you will. I have no clue how to cook these and every reference online refers to the (briskit like) London Broil roast. Any suggestions? Maybe the meat was mis-marked as London Broil?

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  1. It sounds like your husband picked up roulades/braciole. You can simply pan fry or braise them in tomato sauce.

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      Thanks JungMann! I baked them in a casserole dish filled with tomato sauce and they turned out pretty good. Highly recommend the tomato sauce otherwise I think they would be a bit dry.