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Jan 13, 2012 11:14 AM

mr. b's - troy, mi

the mr. b's on the corner of rochester and wattles is supposed to reopen tonight. the last owner ran the place into the ground with poor food quality, bad service, and high prices. she went under and the place went back to the former owners (also owners of the hamlin pubs). being really close to home, this mr.b's was a go to for a quick burger/sandwich/pizza and beers. planning of checking it out with a few friends tonight.

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  1. I drove by there about three this afternoon and noticed something going on. Although it didn't look like it was open. I knew they were closed and was wondering what was going on...thanks for the update.

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      they did not open yesterday. hopefully soon.

    2. i was one month too soon. mr. b's troy reopened last week. we went with a bunch of neighborhood friends last friday night (day 2).

      the place has a had a modest make over. new floor, the bar has been spruced up. the old hightops in the bar have been replaced. the dining room looked the same. our group of 17 took a wall length table in the bar area. the place is back in the hands of the ownership group that sold it to the woman that proceeded to drive the place into the ground. the group owns the rochester hamlin pub (and maybe a few other hamlins). the troy mr. b's will soon be rebranded the hamlin grille - with a more upscale menu than the hamlin pub.

      the managers acknowledged that the menu is rather small (one brief page) and basic and will grow and develop over time. it has a few unexpected notes beyond sandwiches, bugers, and apps that i was not expecting. they did say that they will be getting a smoker and will have pulled pork, brisket, ribs, etc. in the future.

      since they do not have a website yet, i am going from memory:

      there was a soup or two and a chili.

      about three salads that were more than just house, ceasar, cobb, etc.

      there was a charcuterie plate (completely unexpected)

      a few sandwiches - two had turkey/clubs and said they were very good. one had a jerk chicken sandwich that was a hit. one had a catfish sandwich that was a miss.

      there was one burger option (about $7) that was a build your own with extra charges for cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions, avacodo, etc. they need to rethink the buns that they are using because they crumbled too easily.

      i think there was a $10 buffalo burger burgers and sandwiches came with house chips (a few were underdone) or fries there were a handfull of entress, but they escape me since none of us had one

      the kids all had personal size pizzas. most complained that they did not like them, but i'll be damned, everyone at at least 75% of them.

      very good beer selection with about 12 draughts - mostly michigan (shorts, kuhnhenn, dragonmeade, etc. along with a few regionals (i.e., goose 312). bud/bud light/etc is bottle only.

      table service was extremely spotty. granted it was day two and we had a big group. the two waitresses that we had were pure rookies and got a little lost in the weeds (my favorite was one of the kids asking for a "dr. pepper" (before ordering food) and she set a pepper shaker in front of her). the managers, to their credit jumped in and helped with service and were appologetic about delays and mix-ups.

      prices seemed reasonable, though the waitresses were using some foreign accounting method for keeping track of orders and handed us a stack of bills that had little rhyme or reason to them.

      all in all, i am very happy that our neighborhood place is back in business and that it is run by guys that know what they are doing. i look forward to seeing what they do with the menu. the beer menu is a plus. i will give them a pass on the service since it was only day two.

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        "the two waitresses that we had were pure rookies and got a little lost in the weeds (my favorite was one of the kids asking for a "dr. pepper" (before ordering food) and she set a pepper shaker in front of her)."

        I would tip this chick on general principle. That's *awesome*. Thanks for sharing that!