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Jan 13, 2012 11:03 AM

BaMix shaft very warm after moderate use

I do not recall from 20 years ago whether the owner of a BaMax is supposed to do some preventive maintenance. We do not use the unit much, but last night after making a Caesar dressing the shaft was almost too hot to touch. My instincts would be to lubricate it but I would prefer having instructions on how to proceed.
Appreciate comments.

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  1. The urge to use the vast number of double entendres and with tongue firmly in cheek is almost insurmountable, but I will try.

    Spray some wd40 into it. If you are scared about contamination, spray some peanut oil.

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      Now that I have gone back and re-read my post I agree with you. I am beginning to think that, after 76 years of age, a type of wide-eyed naivete returns.
      Back to the Bamix, though: Long experience with other mechanical equipment has made me a bit wary of lubricating rather than disassembly and cleaning, though if it comes to that i will choose WD-40 over peanut oil which, I think, ultimately would gum up as well and add to the problem, while WD-40 has some cleaning action in my experience.
      Thank you for your reply.

      1. re: Gualtier Malde

        WD40 is a brutal dust magnet, flush it with the 40 then hit it with some light machine oil. But it is possible that after 20yrs the seal or o-ring is done and anything you put on it will end up on both sides