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Jan 13, 2012 10:59 AM

Custard and Take Out

For an upcoming weekend trip we're looking for a good place to get some ice cream or custard. We were planning on Scooters but they're closed for the winter. Does anyone know anything about Lickity Split? Or any other suggestions?

We also need somewhere to pick up food for the road on Monday. We had planned on a pizza from Great Lake but they're closed as well. Maybe sandwiches from Irazu or Pastoral? Suggestions/thoughts?


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  1. In Evanston there is Andy's Frozen Custard which is very good -

    1. There is a new Frozen Custard place in the Loop in the mall that used to be Block 37, across State Street from Macy's. It's called Andy's. The other day they were giving free samples. Good.

      1. Pastoral or Hannah's Bretzels would be my choices for take out sandwiches - both do good ones with quality fixings.

        A number of restaurants also make pretty wonderful ice cream - Mercat a la Planxa and Sable's ice cream's have consistently impressed - and Black Dog Gelato is wonderful if you can go that route. Bar Toma disappointed me for dinner but has a very good gelato selection as well and I think you can just get cups of that at the counter.