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Which Coffeemaker to buy - Done with Keurig

Our third Breville Single Cup Coffee Maker just died.
It is predeceased by a Keurig brand machine.
I have given up on these machines and I am now searching for a dependable drip machine.
Any recommendations?
I initially considered the Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker - but it doesn't get great reviews.

Thank you!

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  1. Zojirushi. Keurig and its ilk are mostly junk designed to pick-pocket consumers behind the old "convenience" disguise.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      We went from a Keurig to a Zo and are v v happy with it.

      1. I love my Technivorm Mocha master. It delivers water at two hundred degrees for best extraction. Stainless carafe keeps breakfast coffee hot enough to drink at lunch. I've owned mine for 5 years without problems. Only downside is $280 price.

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          If you can afford it, the Technivorm is the way to go for a drip coffeemaker. But that's a big "if" - probably too expensive for 95% of consumers.

          1. re: monopod

            heard great things about those, but as far as I know, they don't make a programmable, all in one unit where beans go in and coffee comes out at a programmed time. With the morning rush, not having to set up and brew the coffee is a big factor!

            1. re: monopod

              I bet those 95% of consumers spend more than $300 on junk food and other junk. In the long run $300 is not too expensive and represents maybe a month or two of Starburcks coffee.

            2. re: chejfeff

              we just got a mocha master as a wedding present, and it is amazing! They are super expensive though...

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                They are expensive but the Mocha master is the one if you want high quality drip. Just be sure to couple it with a quality burr grinder. My coffee is heads and shoulders above anything you can get in most restaurants AND coffee shops.

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                  I have had technivorms for years, but honestly it is nothing more than a Melitta with aotomated water heating and pouring. Alton Brown once suggested a water heating carafe and a melitta setup. Poor man's tecnivorm for a fraction of the price

                1. Call me crazy, but I brew great coffee in a Mr. Coffee drip. I have outfitted it with a gold basket, I grind my own beans, and clean it regularly. It was something like $20 after a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. I used to have a Krups before this, and it was good too.

                  Funny, but I just got a Keurig compact model for my daughter for college. She doesn't drink a lot of coffee, and ground coffee sitting unused to two weeks would turn my stomach, so I decided to go the Kcup route for her. It seems to do a decent job, and I don't expect it to get heavy use (at least until finals week!). I was surprised at how pricey these machines are, and also by the price of Kcups. Even at $12 to $15 per pound, my coffee been set up is a lot cheaper. Haven't done the math yet, but I get a lot more than 20 cups out of a pound of coffee beans, so it seems obvious. Hope it lasts.

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                    I have almost the same setup for my AM caffeine fix and I like it. I also have a French press but it seldom gets used, except for when I am entertaining. I buy 8 O'Clock brown bag beans and grind my own.

                    I previously have a Krupp and I wasn't impressed with the design or build quality.

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                      We used regular 8 O Clock coffee, I grind my beans, and I just didn't like the coffee I got with a Mr. Coffee. It is interesting how different people get different results from similar equipment and food.

                    2. We really love our Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm. The new model is the CoffeeTeam TS (there's one with a glass carafe too, but the thermal carafe is a must I think) and it has been redesigned to be even more compact.

                      The CoffeeTeam has a quality burr grinder and is fully programmable, so we have it set to grind the beans and make the coffee fresh just before we wake up.

                      Only two minor complaints: one, the bean container only holds enough beans for two pots, at least at the strength we make it. Two, very oily beans like a French Roast can sometimes clog in the chute from the grinder to the filter, resulting in a pot of hot water. It's rare, though. The new design may fix that since the whole grinder to filter configuration has changed.

                      Totally easy to clean and take care of, makes amazingly great coffee.

                      1. Does it have to be a drip machine? If you want a single cup, why not go french press? It's cheap, simple, doesn't break (as long as you are careful with the glass carafe, or buy a steel one), and makes stupendously awesome coffee. Only real downside is that it's not automated; you can't set it to make your cup automatically. But honestly, it takes all of a minute to put grounds and hot water into it, and then thirty seconds to plunge it. I've been doing that for years now, and it makes most drip coffee taste thin and weak to me.

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                          This. We only use a French press. We have a big one, but I love having the flexibility to make just as much as I need and grinding my beans as needed.

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                            My go to drink is espresso, french press is also great. But after weeks, suddenly on a given morning, when it seemed too watery before, the clean crispness of a filtered brew is instantly appealing. Guess i find the taste buds need diversity now and them!

                        2. Cuisinart Grind N' Brew. We love ours. Any kind of coffee you want. As strong or as weak as you want. Programmable. A good buy.

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                            I agree with the Cuisinart grind-n-brew machine. I picked up a rebuilt from WOOT that worked very well for four years. Paid $60. While I am not a coffee drinker, my father was and he loved that machine.

                            For some reason, the only coffee I can stand is cold filtered from a Toddy. Around $30 I think.

                            1. re: exvaxman

                              I'm totally with you on the cold brew. I use this sucker and it makes amazing coffee. I just keep some brewing on the counter and some in the fridge constantly so I never run out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000...

                            2. re: MRS

                              +1 for convenience although I brew @ double strength (12 cup bean setting & filled only up to the 6 cup water line) for a strong cup of coffee.

                            3. This isn't an exotic but it is a workhorse, and it makes good coffee. Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200


                              It makes good coffee. It has a good manual with instructions about cleaning. Cuisinart will replace it if it is defective. You do have to put in a new filter from time to time. We use ours every day.

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                              1. re: sueatmo

                                I have this one too and have been happy with it. We make coffee every day.

                              2. I also have a Cuisinart. Although I think the Mr. Coffee $18 piece of [junk] I had back in college actually made the best coffee.... because I had Peets coffee beans.

                                That's kind of how I feel: its the beans, not really the maker. But maybe I have just not experienced an awe-inspiring maker yet...

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                                1. re: GraceW

                                  We recently were between coffeemakers, and so we bought a Mr. Coffee. Nope, it doesn't make great coffee. I wasn't using Peet's beans though.

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                                    I think it is actually possible to make great drip coffee by pouring hot water over a cone set up over a mug. To me the real issues are: 1) consistent temperature; 2) can I see the water level? (had been known on sleepy mornings to add water TWICE), 3) is it consistent when brewing two cups as well as eight cups?, 4) how hard is it to clean? I decided not to spring for a built-in thermal carafe because I also like see if the coffee is done from across the room. I simply pour into a Zoijirushi carafe if I need to hold the coffee. Again, I can avoid all of this by pouring directly from my tea kettle into a Melitta cone, one cup at a time and get almost exactly the same results. Using fresh, great beans that I grind myself, a "clean" machine not covered in scale, and the right amount of coffee versus water (did I say water needs to be decent too?), you can get great results. I think these drip makers are much, much simpler machines than espresso makers. You can get away with spending very little unless you are interested in a built-in grinder, elaborate timers, and other convenience features. You really don't need anything elaborate.

                                    However, if you want a fancy machine, knock yourself out, and have fun with your new toy. I get it, as I have been researching high end home espresso makers for months, and spending upward of $2000 doesn't even seem strange. Yet, I paid about $20 for my Mr. Coffee (with a coupon). Go figure.

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                                      That's what I read in Wine Spectator of all places, that the biggest problem with drip makers is that none of them get the water hot enough. With an electric kettle just off the boil, you know you are getting hot water.

                                2. How about a french press

                                  1. Update: after almost 24 hours of running vinegar and water through the machine - it has been resurrected! Appears that Starbucks K Cups clogged the machine. I've read about this problem elsewhere.

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                                    1. re: raplum

                                      Was it the coffee, or hard water scale?

                                      1. re: RGC1982

                                        I think it was the coffee - I had descaled it only about a week prior and after hours of discaling this time around. - a huge bunch of grinds came out and then it returned to normal. Had this machine since 4/11 and have had no problems until we started using Starbucks k cups.

                                    2. I have had different makers, but like the plain old Mr. Coffee and a French press.

                                      1. Another strong opinion in favor of French press.. I turn on my ancient Russell Hobbs to heat water, turn the dial on a cheap Capresso burr grinder to the desired setting, walk out to get my paper, pour the ground coffee into a double walled SS press, pour in the water, stir, press, and am in business. It may not be automated but it certainly is convenient, indestructible, and delicious, a trifecta.

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                                        1. re: tim irvine

                                          Two thumbs up on the French press. I have my beans pre ground (the horror) so I just drop my press on a scale, pour in 1.5 oz of coffee, pour in hot water from an electric tea kettle, set my oven timer for 4 minutes and plunge.

                                          To the poster above, if two week old ground coffee bothers you, why is coffee ground last year and sealed in a plastic cup ok?

                                          1. re: JoeZeppy412

                                            Actually no coffee bothers me except for flavored coffees (I don't care if other people drink them). I pick up freshly roasted coffee at the Farmers market every Saturday. It just tastes really, really good. (dark roasted Sumatra). But I also drank the paint stripper in the coffee maker on the bridge on Navy ships, too.

                                            1. re: tim irvine

                                              Sorry, was referring to RGC1982 - but re-reading maybe she meant two week old used grounds. That would be a turn-off :)

                                        2. Two week old used coffee grounds should be ug into the garden with the eggshells and cantaloupe rinds!

                                          1. Doesn't anyone use vacuum pots anymore? Check out Cona ( no, not kona) and yama pots. I admit i don't use the delicate glass Cona in the a.m. , but it is fun at dinner parties.

                                            Also cold extrct makers are nice for a change of pace.

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                                              Some of the most memorable coffee I ever had was from a Cona maker.

                                            2. I went from the Keurig which I thought I'd love forever to the Berville YouBrew. With the Keurig my choices in coffee were limited, and so was the amount of grounds used. Also, their pumps have had problems and I was tired of that game, so I switched.

                                              I switched to the Breville YouBrew because I've had other Breville products and loved them. Although it doesn't have the speed of a Keurig, the Keurig doesn't produce the same quality of coffee as the Breville does. I've found nothing to complain about with my machine, and only praise for the machine and the company.

                                              I generally make single cups of coffee, I do use the carafe on days when I feel like I'm going to have more than one cup, or when I have someone over. The thermal carafe does a pretty good job of keeping the coffee warm and the quality of the coffee doesn't degrade because it's not over a warming plate. Also, you may need to try different settings to know what setting is the best for your preference. This machine far surpasses any other I've had in the past.

                                              I check comments and recommendations for products before I buy, but for the sake of reality, please consider the positive feedback before the negative in any situation. Some people who leave negative comments may not like the finished product, and THAT would be a personal issue vs. a true negative about the product. Some negative comments result either from people who got "lemons," which can happen with any product, misuse or don't really know how to use the product correctly, or people who just like to find the problems with things and complain. Check different websites to see how a product is rated, and then make your choice.

                                              1. Technivorm is great, but expensive. Bonavita is another that gets temps hot enough, but much cheaper. Have been using Moka pots for the last year, great, strong coffee, fast and cheap pots.

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                                                  We purchased the Bonavida recently. So far very happy. Only drawback, it only does 8 cups

                                                2. If you want a capsule machine, Nespresso is the only way to go. They now make a coffee version...not just espresso. We have a Nespresso at home, and DH has one in his office. Dependable and produces a great cup. For drip coffee, simple is better. The Chemex makes very good coffee, if you use very good beans. I've had one for almost thirty years. The Cuisinart Grind and Brew in my office made average coffee and then broke. The replacement Keurig broke very quickly. The new Keurig is average at best in output.

                                                  1. CBTL, the Caffitaly system! Forget the others. :)

                                                    1. I love my Technivorm, but since remodeling the kitchen we've been using the Brew Express because it has its own direct water line which we REALLY like. AND it makes a great pot of coffee. http://brewexpress.com/

                                                      And for a single cup, nothing beats a French press.

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                                                      1. re: CindyJ

                                                        Had my Technivorm for 7+ years, love it.

                                                      2. I've gone retro to get a strong, good cup of coffee.
                                                        We have a French press, drip coffee makers, Keurig coffee makers, an espresso maker etc. We grind our own coffee beans. Lately, the coffee just seemed blah.
                                                        About a month ago, in the back of a kitchen cabinet, I found our old stove top coffee percolator. We haven't used it in about 10 years. I decided to give it a try. Wow, it made a really good tasting cup of coffee.
                                                        We have since purchased an electric percolator and use it more than any other coffee making method. The left over coffee goes in the fridge and makes really good iced coffee. We still grind our own beans.
                                                        Maybe as you get older your taste buds change, but I now prefer percolator coffee over other methods.

                                                        1. go new and low tech and cheap with aero press!!!

                                                          1. Almost all machines heat to 192 F which is too low:


                                                            That is why a press is best at home.