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Jan 13, 2012 10:41 AM

Today Food

I'm liking the Today Food website more and more. I got some inspirational ideas for Christmas, and I like their photos. This week they asked for reader contributions for "Droolworthy Desserts" and they even included one of mine (next to last, Rainbow Ribbon Gelatin Mold).

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  1. What a beautiful dessert!! Is it difficult to make? Or just time consuming? It looks so fun. :)

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      Thanks Schmoopy. I call this a "Dessert Diva" because it although it is very easy to make (basically it's just jello with vanilla yogurt added to some of the layers), it takes about three to four hours because each layer has to be "almost set" when you add the next. So you can't leave it alone. I usually make bread and watch a movie when I make this. The original recipe came from the Kraft company, then Rachel Perlow, who was on at the time, tweaked it to give this good rainbow effect.

      Here are a few other photos: My daughter making the one featured on Today Food, Rainbow in a Glass, and an article I wrote about this recipe.