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Jan 13, 2012 10:12 AM

South End restaurants

Newish to the area and the site. Am told that several closed restaurants in the South End are likely to re-open with new ownership and concepts. Anyone know what's going on with the former Pops, Rocca, Joe V's, Ginger Park, Bombay and maybe now Sibling locations?

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  1. Sibling Rivalry is closing? Hadn't heard that.

    Check the monthly openings/closings threads started each month by CH HiddenBoston for rumors and such.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      I hadn't heard that either. It wouldn't be that surprising or saddening.

      Ginger Park is becoming a Union Park Hospitality Group run steakhouse I believe. And Joe V's is becoming a yakitori place.

    2. It's not that the restaurants are re-opening but that restaurants are opening in the spaces of these former places.

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      1. re: LeoLioness

        That's what I meant. I would assume Tremont Street locations would fill up...Actually liked Pop's though it wasn't always crowded. Any idea of the ownership there?? Might they open up elsewhere? Sibling is a nice space. Thanks for the replies.

      2. welcome aboard, phatman! mcslim talks awhile about that Ginger Park space- on the openings and closings thread alluded to. there's a very active so. end CH contingent, as you'll see, on that thread.

        1. MC Slim JB reports that Rocca will be an Italian restaurant operated by the Aquitaine group.

          1. What I know as of this minute:

            Pops -- nothing doing. Heard a rumor the Grotto / Marliave folks were looking at it.

            Rocca -- taken over by Aquitaine Group. They're gutting it, doing some kind of Italian concept. I'm guessing late spring.

            Joe V's -- taken over by the Snappy Sushi folks. A Japanese concept, kind of yakitori-sounding, but probably not super-traditional: I understand the dining room will be dominated by a big grill. Work appears to be continuing. Late spring or summer, maybe? This one has been in the works for almost two years.

            Ginger Park -- just taken over by the dbar / Deuxave team (owner and chef) with plans for a creative take on the steakhouse concept. Allegedly a gut job: bye-bye to that award-winning but not universally-beloved interior design. Would be surprised to see this one before autumn.

            Bombay Club -- nothing doing that I know of. A rumor that the Foodies supermarket next door might expand into it and do a bigger prepared foods / takeout business has gone nowhere.

            Sibling Rivalry -- long rumored to be in trouble, but I've heard nothing about a sale. Based on a recent visit, I still think it's pretty awful.

            Other new South End spots to watch for:

            The former Columbus Cafe. Jamie Bissonnette is doing something there, likely with Ken Oringer's sponsorship. I heard a breakfast / lunch focus.

            Downstairs at Jae's. To be called Hair of the Dog, a craft cocktail / real Tiki oriented bar from the dude who built a big following as the bartender at the N. Woburn outlet of Sichuan Garden.

            Poe's Chester Square Pub. I think this is supposed to go into the spot just west of Mass Ave on Tremont that once housed a video store, but it sort of seems to be in turnaround. If I were betting, I'd guess this same restaurant group (Rattlesnake, the Parish Cafes, and several other places I can't identify) will focus on the Beacon Hill spot Tip Tap Lounge (the old Shangri-La restaurant / basement brothel) first.

            A second South End Buttery on Claremont near Appleton. I believe it won't have a kitchen; an expanded kitchen at the Shawmut Ave original will bake and cook for both locations.


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              1. re: opinionatedchef

                And I forgot a big one, at least in my book: the Puerto Rican successor to Don Ricardo's, Vejigante, in Villa Victoria.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Vejigantes got the Devra First treatment yesterday:

                  I had to laugh at the headline. First has obviously never been to San Juan. If you are looking for the San Juan experience in Boston, you needn't search any further than T.G.I. Fridays, because that's basically what people who go to San Juan eat.

                  I had to go back through Slim's piece to make sure that godawful city escaped mention, and it did. Bravo.

                  1. re: FinnFPM

                    To be fair, my experience of Puerto Rican cuisine was limited to a dirt-cheap local place when I lived in a very modest neighborhood of Chicago, and the estimable Izzy's near Kendall Square. My experience of San Juan is limited to the airport, which I recommend as a place to fill a suitcase full of rum.


              2. re: MC Slim JB

                Also, it now looks like the Pops thing is happening. No word on the concept. Anyone want to take bets on "comfort food"?


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  I hear the Bissonnette/Oringer plan @ Columbus Cafe has fallen through.