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Jan 13, 2012 09:45 AM

Business Lunch Rec - Bay & College

Need to organize a business lunch for three senior level European executives within an easy walk of Bay and College. European lunch budgets tend to be modest, so it can't be too high end but yet not so casual that they can't get work done nor hear themselves think. Open to all suggestions though.

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  1. Bistro 990 might work. The lunch prix fixe on their regular lunch menu costs $19.90 , and their current 3 course Winterlicious prix fixe costs $20.

    Bistro 990
    990 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5S3A8, CA

    1. Adega on Elm may work. Lunch mains start at $18 and go to $26. Mercatto in the MaRS building would fit the budget likely but you may find it loud.