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Jan 13, 2012 09:28 AM

Bear Meat? (RAWR!)

A buddy of mine was recently kind enough to throw me some Bear meat.

Specifically, some loin/backstrap and the "fish" cut (those of you who are familiar with bear cuts -the "fish' cut is one of the most prized cuts).

My question is as follows: Anyone have any suggestions/experience with how to prepare/marinate/specifically cook these two cuts of meat? I have done plenty of research... but I want something beyond: "cook the meat to death" which seems to be the most common lead of advice Im getting... Does anyone have anything more creative or tasty? Help!

P.S. most people I have asked about this subject offer the most vague suggestions possible, and most of the barely-even-close-to-a-recipe recipes I've found online only refer to cooking mysterious "Bear Steaks" -I've yet to find anyone that has posted info on specifically cooking bear loin or the "fish" cut. -this is probably a lot of unnecessary detail, but... oh well

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  1. larousse gastronomique has a recipe for bear paw baked in clay. :)

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    1. re: paulj

      thats an interesting tid bit. Too bad I dont have any bear claws or a copy of larousse gastronomique... -wish I did though :)

    2. My recommendation for the loin at least is to cook sous vide. That way you can fully pasteurize to kill any potentially present trichinosis (often found in bear meat) while still keeping it, say, medium rare for flavor and texture. 2 hours at 56C?

      Don't marinate! It's the silliest thing. Everyone gets these hard-won game meats and then smothers them in other crap that covers up their flavor. What's the point of having an unusual meat if you're just going to make it taste like the marinade?

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      1. re: barzelay

        good point! I thought about that myself (not marinating)... -its just I dont have a sous vide machine.. although if I did, what would you recommend putting in the bag? Bacon fat, blue berries, rosemary and thyme? Just a off the top of my head thought..

        1. re: PatrickG

          Also I would be a liiiitle worried about sous vide because of trichinosis (which can be fatal). I know that you said this process should work well enough to kill any nasty trichinosis.. but still.. it seems like a decent risk? -not saying I would not try it anyways, but I would still be a little scared ya know?

      2. Can you get it tested for trich? Check at your state Ag school for local labs. Then you can do a wealth of roasts, braises, and grills.

        And put the sauces on the side, please.

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        1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

          can I? probably? -not even really sure where to begin for a process like that although it may be worth my while