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Jan 13, 2012 09:18 AM

Need a "Plan B" for Chestnut Hill area

Heading over to the new Iron Hill brewpub in Chestnut Hill tonite but was unable to get a reservation. In case the bar area is packed, looking for a "plan b" in the general vicinity. any suggestions?

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  1. There is Earth Bread Brewery just down Germantown Ave. in Mount Airy. It is usually pretty crowded too, but we don't usually have problems getting seats at the bar for drinks and food. Love their brews and pizzas (flatbreads, whatever).

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      I second Mount Airy. Wine Theif and Avenida are also two great spots.

    2. Tavern on the Hill has some sollid pub food. It's small though, and I've only had lunch there, so I'm not sure how crowded it is on Friday night. It's at the top of the hill, across from the old Borders.

      There's also a new BYO, Heirloom, whose menu looks promising, but I haven't been there, nor have I heard anything yet (I thinks it's only been open a week or 2). It's next to the old Borders, next door to the state store.

      Cin Cin, also on Germantown Ave, has some solid Chinese-French fusion food.

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        thanks to both. we went to Iron Hill first, and it was packed...headed back to Earth and were able to get a table immediately. I guess all the beer drinkers were up at Iron Hill testing it out. will have to plan better next time and get a reservation for Iron Hill.

        but, we had a very enjoyable meal at Earth, starting with a shared spinach salad with bacon ( a special), 2 smalll flatbread pizzas (I had the sausage/mushroom and my husband had the buffalo chicken), and finished off with a bread pudding. The buffalo chicken flatbread was way too spicy for my taste but my husband was ok with it. I loved the mushroom flatbread pizza- great flavors in the sausage, and the flatbread was nicely crisped and slightly charred.

        Beers we enjoyed were the house Zythos, PBC Pennsylvania Pale Ale, and Laguintas Heffeweizen.

        The tab was very reasonable at $50 for two,. My only complaint was the beach boys music that was playing in the background all night....
        I wish this place were closer to us, I would come more often!

        1. re: rocknroll52

          Zythos is very good beer. Belgian yeast and a rare American hop varietal. Bone dry too. It's a thoughtful beer. The dryness keeps you from slamming it (not that I ever do). I'll just say that it demands your attention and contemplation. Probably get a growler tomorrow or Friday.

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          Don't know how well Heirloom would serve as a backup, especially on a Friday night. A couple weeks ago, I tried to get same-day reservations on two midweek nights and failed because they were booked until 9pm.

        3. also...passed by a large an busy diner in Mt Airy on Germantown looked very popular ... is this a place worth going to?

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            does a good breakfast....though havent been there for dinner. has large bottled beer selection....

            1. re: rocknroll52

              It's popular but not w/ foodies. Food's average at best. High Point Cafe is quite good for crepes (savory and sweet) and pastries.

            2. Campbells Tavern, right across the street!! Would have been a great option and frankly, a lot shorter drive than back down to Mount Airy! Good draft beers and good food. Has been totally renovated within the last 3 years and it's a nice cozy place for a beer and some food.

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              1. re: gardens4me

                thanks that's good to know. Mt Airy is actually on the way home for us from Chestnut Hill (we live lower merion twp) so it wasn't out of the way. I really appreciate all the advice as we haven't ventured across the river that much for dining.

                1. re: rocknroll52

                  Just to respond to your question about the diner. I believe that, as you traveled down Germantown Avenue, if the diner was on the opposite side of the street and stood alone, then you are talking about the Trolley Car Diner. The trolley car is a pleasant place to eat and the owner is very involved in giving back to the community. In my opinion, the food there is somewhat standard diner level food: nothing outstanding but the prices are fair for the quality and portion size.