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bbq place where sunset turns into cesar chavez??

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can anyone tell me about this place? i dont know why, but the place intrigues me. it seems like they do a lot of catering, but i think i saw a take out spot. thanks for any info

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  1. It's a family run joint called BBQ King. I've had the BBQ chicken there before, which was OK. I spent the entire meal staring at my BF who was devouring his BBQ ribs, which he claimed were really good. They also serve a hamburger that was featured on the food network because it is placed toward the bottom of the smoke barrel and soaks up all the BBQ rib drippings, etc. You get a bunch of sides (mac-n-cheese, collard greens, sweet potatoes, etc.) with your order.

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      hmmm that burger sounds good. thanks for the 411 elle

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        hmmm yea i live right by there and pass it all the time. think i'll have to try it now...

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          Yep. Decent bbq, good burgers and fries, but unbelievably erratic service. (Sometimes everything's just fine, and sometimes it takes 45 minutes to get a burger.)

        2. The burger is huge. They often sell out of the greens early.

          1. I live near there and consequently have eaten there at least a dozen times. one consistent thing is how long it takes to make the food. even if you call ahead, which i do, it can still take 20 minutes after youi arrive to get the grub. the other consistent thing is how your clothes will become filled with smoke if you wait for your order and the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.

            don't get me wrong, i appreciate that this place is around, considering that almost every other option nearby is strictly thai or chinese, but the place has some problems. for one, almost everything there tastes like smoke, no real flavor to the meats. the greens are terrible, not even the requisite vingar and hot sauce deluge can salvage them.

            the bright spots: their pork tenderloin sandwich is a marvel: moist, huge, delicious. their bbq sauce is pretty good too.

            It's worth a try i guess if you're in the neighborhood, but this is NOT a destination hounding opportunity

            1. We've had ribs, chicken and some sides. Not the best, but not bad. Definitely worth it if you're in the neighborhood and craving bbq

              1. I stopped going there when they were practicing deception by stating that they were selling brisket when it was just plain old roast beef.

                I beleive that it was originally African American owned and has since been bought out by Asians. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

                I used to really like their fries which I believe were cooked in a cast iron skillet as oppossed to being deep fried in a fry basket.

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                  I thought Ex-Mayor Riordon was the owner???

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                    Reality Check

                    You maybe thinking of a different place. I've been to Texas BBQ King a couple times and they owners are African-Americans. I rarely if ever see any Asians there.

                  2. I was just there today (!!) with a large group from work. Though we were warned, the length of the wait (long, indeed) astonished all. BBQ was good, if a bit dry (they don't precook the ribs, just put them on raw and let them go). Sides OK to not so OK (beans and slaw, with the slaw a bit too sweet by my taste).

                    It's amazing how accurate IMO this board can be - I concur with every post below!! BBQ OK at best, smoke city, burger big and popular, wait can be immense.

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                      I am sure they precook, otherwise you would have been there for a couple of hours minimum, I have also seen they pre-cook, everyone precook, Woodys, Phillips, J&J, Dr. Hogly Wogly..etc.

                    2. I love BBQ, and prefer even mediocre bbq to much other food. But BBQ King is inconsistent and ranges only from fair at their best to bad, tough and gnarly at its worst.

                      1. Are you refering to Sunset @ Figueroa or closer to/across from Olvera Street? Sunset & Fig is BBQ King. IMHO it's ok, Service slow, & overpriced, bring your bank account & patience. Cesar Chavez & Spring, across from Olvera Street is Spring Street BBQ. Again, IMHO Don't even bother!

                        1. First, the wait borders on stupid. It takes longer to get your order in (as they only have one person working, and she's s-l-o-w), then it does to actually get your food at any other place. The wait from ordering was at least 20 minutes. Folks who had ordered after us were getting their food way before us.

                          The food itself isn't bad. I had the sampler plate, which was $15. There were 2 pork ribs (fatty), a chicken wing (I also got a breast in my order, my friend didn't for some reason), 2 hot links, and some brisket.

                          The pork ribs were fatty, maybe the baby backs would have been a better choice, the chicken breast was the standout winner, with the links close behind. The brisket was kind of tasteless. Everything was covered with a cloying sweet sauce that I didn't care for, but it wasn't awful either.

                          When we were at the window, I noticed some heads of cabbage in the kitchen, which led me to believe that they made their own cole slaw, which didn't seem to be the case, it tasted like something from Ralph's.

                          All in all, if you want BBQ downtown on a Sunday night, then it's worth a shot. Just give yourself a lot of time, and stick with the chicken and links.

                          1. This place is just down the street from me, and as a transplant I've been searching for years for a place where I can at least stand their bbq. They say there is no such thing as bad BBQ (anyone who's ate at Hudson's in Hollywood knows better), but LA tends to have bad BBQ, so I look for tolerable. This is that place for me, so far.

                            It's very random in regards to wait (5 to 45 minutes) and taste (from good to take me to Kaiser). I can safely say avoid this place on Sundays. Not sure why Sundays are so bad there, but I've just had no luck on Sundays (almost seems as if they reheated what didn't sell Saturday night). Saturdays seem to be best, but busiest. Weekdays, varies.

                            Mains: the brisket is okay (definitely not Texas), the pork ribs are good (sometimes very fatty), beef ribs are okay, links are consistently good (i think they bbq Farmer Johns), burgers are tasty, but I don't goto a BBQ joint for a burger.

                            Sides: great greens if you get there say around 1pm (not bitter), beans are Bushes BBQ Beans from a can so nothing special, mac n cheese eh (if you are getting mac n cheese at a bbq joint you need help), fries have always been on target, and slaw is just bad news.

                            While I like this place and have visited often over the years, I just wish the quality was more consistent.

                            1. I actually really like the burgers here and get it with the chili. Also chili on the fries are good too. I don't care for the BBQ, they drench it in sauce and I don't think there's too much meat on them. I personally like the ribs at Mr. Cecil's. I actually liked the Mac n' Cheese a lot too. The wait can be bad, but it could be worse. I still think it's worth it to try the burger.