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Jan 13, 2012 08:54 AM

oranges and the color

Why is it that when I cut open some oranges, they have this pinkish tint and at first it does not seem right.. is this another type or orange? or is this an orange that had some genetic defect and should be called orange with a pinkish hue.. or orange that got its blush on?

Somehow it just seems wrong to open up an orange and see this color.. The flavor is ok but its interesting, I find myself not enjoying the orange so much because I expect it to be .... well..... ORANGE!!!

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  1. I eat a ton of oranges, and I have not come across a regular (when I say regular, i mean an orange that is supposed to be orange) that has a pinkish tint. My first guess is that you've gotten a different type of orange than what you were going after? Cara Cara's are getting more and more prevalent - if I'm not mistaken, they have a reddish tint. Blood oranges are bright red - there's no mistaking them. Just a guess tho. Hopefully some orange experts could offer more suggestions.