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Jan 13, 2012 08:08 AM

Early Sunday Dinner for 11 ppl (incl. young kids) in Center City

Looking for a recommendation for a great family-friendly place that will take a dinner reservation for 8 adults and 3 kids on a Sunday evening around 5:30 or 6pm. Age range is 2 to 70...some picky/"plain" eaters in the bunch, including the adults. I don't want to go to Applebee's (or the like), but definitely need something that will appeal to all. Open to anything from Old City to Rittenhouse, and not too far south or north. The kids all like pizza/pasta, but that's not a prerequisite. Thoughts?

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  1. I'm thinking Jones. But you could do a pizza place like Pietro's that has some other options.

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      Pietros, Stella, or you could go the Chinatown route to a place like Vietnam or Vietnam palace. Chain wise you have a Maggianos which some people find acceptable.

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        In addition to Jones, some of the other Starr places might work, like Dandelion, they take reservations. The Marathon just south of Rittenhouse could work as well.

      2. I always think french when thinking about limited eaters - just because then there are things for the non-limited! How about Parc?

        1. thanks everyone! all really good ideas. i especially like Jones, Stella, or Parc as options, and will run them by the group to get thoughts. any other ideas still welcome, this is not for a few weeks :)

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            I've taken my kids to Parc and they love it, and they are moderately picky eaters. There is probably something on the menu to please everybody and early enough on a Sunday it won't be too loud.

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    ' mom is interested in Jones...but concerned they don't have a kids menu. Her kids are the pickiest eaters on the planet. These are pasta, kraft mac and cheese, pizza, and chicken nugget kids. And if it doesn't look like they kind of pizza, mac and cheese, etc that they eat at home, they won't touch it. (OY!).

              SOOOOOOO....we can pretty much do anyplace that will make a plain bowl of pasta with butter. BUT, does anyone know of anywhere in Center City that offers an actual kids menu?? (That's not Applebees, the Olive Garden, etc???).

              Thanks...gosh, I can't wait to have kids and introduce them to any and all food!!

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                Pietro's suggested above does have a children's menu. And if you can stomach a chain, Maggiano's probably could do it as well. I think if you were willing to go down to south philly to a place like Marra's you could get some good philadelphia italian, and the kids would be ok too.

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                  Jones may not be great if the kids are that picky. There is stuff on the brunch menu that might work (that is what my kids love), but they don't serve it after 3. I'm going to agree that Pietro's is your best bet.

                  Another option might be Chinatown. When my daughter was in her super-picky phase, we could at least get her to eat rice while the rest of us enjoyed other stuff. We've also had success bringing picky kids to Rangoon. There is a lot of fried stuff (like crispy taro), that is very french-fry like that kids will usually eat. Also, at Sang Kee, if you order sweet and sour chicken with the sauce on the side, it is basically chicken nuggets.

                  (FYI, I learned the hard way that picky eating isn't always due to parenting. I have two kids, I introduced them to all kinds of food, one will eat anything, the other won't touch most things and is a chicken nugget, pizza, no veggies kind of eater, though she is getting better).

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                    thanks everybody! i agree pietro's could be a good option. i also found out that devil's alley has a kids menu, so i'm waiting for a call back to see if they will take a reservation. if not, maybe i'll try pietro's.

                    i know it's not always the parenting... :)

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                      Asian wise in Old City you have Han Dynasty. Before you jump on me saying the food is too spicy, there are a bunch of dishes that are not, including the three cup chicken and tea smoked duck, along with the standard chinese american fare. And you wouldn't have to go all the way to Chinatown and park agian. I think one thing parents might appreciate is not having to park twice... The other adequate chinese is Pagoda, right niext to the Ritz movie theatre.

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                        Right. Han Dynasty has a "Children/Baby Adults" menu with steamed dumplings, fried rice, etc.

              2. The Plough & The Stars has a children's menu as well an adult menu. You can ask to be seated upstairs to be away from bar scene.

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                  It's a bit of a walk to South Street but Percy Street Barbecue has great brisket and heavenly pies And now they have a kids menu:

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                    thanks everybody. we ended up doing Devil's Alley, because they had a kids menu with a hot dog (big plus with one of the little ones), and they took a reservation for 11 of us. everyone really enjoyed the food (and the pomegranate sangria was also a hit!). simple...but perfect for my picky family :)