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Jan 13, 2012 06:25 AM

Panache 447 Plymouth-Needs sooooooooooo much work [DTW]

I am going to temper this review as much as possible, understanding that this is a new establishment. Also let me say up front that the waitresses were wonderful. The main issue we had (on a slow evening) was getting a drink actually brought to the table. It was a solid 15-20 minutes after ordering until our cocktails arrived....we were only a group of 3. When they did arrive they were subpar at best. Great recipes on the drink menu but the bartender could not execute at all (ie: my "forest ave" was to have muddled jalapeno....he didn't muddle just threw a few pieces in). I also ordered a few items to take home....wished I hadn't. Nothing "tasted bad" persay...just not up to the standards one would expect for the price. My duck quesedillas (a favorite typically) looked like something frozen and reheated at a high school cafeteria. The Panache roll was so loosely and unevenly rolled that it was falling apart before I even left to go home. 6 cocktails and 2 appetizers = $96 with tip. I would expect MUCH better for this price range. This being said there are some positives: the waitresses were doing an admirable job trying to cover for the terrible bartender. The menu (both cocktail and food) shows some real promise. Great ideas and blending of flavors. It's as if they took a paired down fine dining menu and are attempting to have it prepared by a coney island line cook. It's all in the execution and the details. I hope someone such as a manager or owner read this. Could be a wonderful addition.....but a LOT of work needs to be done.

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  1. Please let us know what restaurant this is and in what city. Thanks.

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      Thanks didn't see the title in the org post. Sounds like it is a relatively new restaurant?

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        Yes, open for just over a week. I'm telling you though....this was more then just a service/timing issue.

    2. Gaak. Did you try to explain it to the mgt?

      FWIW ... I just checked their website. No contact/feedback button. No menus.

      1. I live in Plymouth and am excited that Panache and The Sardine Room are both opening - we could use a little more upscale dinning options in town. Sorry to hear about your experiences - I feel that if a restaurant is open and charging money they are fair game for harsh reviews regardless if it's during a soft opening. I make a point of giving restaurants a few months to get their legs before trying them out. In my experience - carry out is never as good as eating it in the restaurant - for most items - the food suffers in transit.

        Do you have any other favorite restaurants in the Plymouth area?

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          The wife and I like Cellar 849 for thier pizzas. Also not far away in NVille is Table 5 which is wonderful.

        2. Holy Cats! That's my old restaurant. Man, it's been years.
          I and a friend rescued it from it's previous circumstances as the Chinese restaurant "Dinersty".
          Though off the beaten path, a great location and a really great building. I wonder if they ever made a water feature out of the basement. Slips? Gondolas? ... I digress. (The building is basically built over an underground river.)
          It's still way too rough an economy for a fancy restaurant like that. Stugots. Alla salute.
          Looking forward to checking it out sometime. The photos look great.

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            Aw, I liked Dinersty. I thought it was the best of the Chinese restaurants in the immediate area when I lived nearby.
            And if we get into the wayback machine, before Dinersty it was a Cloverdale ice cream place.