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Jan 13, 2012 06:02 AM

how long would herbs / leaves stay fresh / safe in a ziplock baggie?

I am dying to try curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves. Will be ordering some small plants so I can use them in the future... but I cannot find them locally in the meantime for just the leaves.

I found some leaves on ebay and amazon - some are shipped from Asia, some from the US, simply in a ziplock -

this has me a bit squeemish ... what are all your thoughts on if the leaves would survive the journey and be safe to consume? The feedback seems ok for all stores that offer this. I suppose the leaves are much more hardy (like bay leaves) than delicate like cilantro (which I would imagine would rot).

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  1. Have you considered buying the dried leaves? They're available at markets that sell Indian food.

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    1. re: escondido123

      herbs stored in baggies last for at least 2 weeks

      1. re: jpr54_1

        Oh, I know, I regularly do that, first washing them and then wrapping in a paper towel. But to me the idea of having fresh herbs shipped would make me wonder about their storage methods and it could be a big waste of money...thus my dried herb suggestion.

      2. re: escondido123

        yes that is an option but I'd prefer fresh for some recipes

      3. I have bought curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves sold in plastic bags in the refrigerator cases at Indian markets here in NYC and while they were fresh looking, (green and pliant, not dry or rotten or anything), they really didn't taste all that fresh to me. It's possible that the online places could be shipping them with a quicker turnaround from harvest to market, in which case it might be worth the money. But I think you're going to have better luck with growing your own.
        If you do find a good place, please do let us know. I'd love to find a reliable source myself.

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          I may give it a shot then. They 'say' they pick the day of shipping - so I will give a few a shot and see. I won't truly know how fresh they are until I get my little plants in the mail to compare with. But will post back with my findings.

          I'd suppose summer would be a bad time to buy the leaves, this time of year is probably smartest for mail time anyhow.

        2. i found 2 merchants today at yellow/green market in hollywood, florida thatsell fresh curry leaves