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Jan 13, 2012 12:40 AM

Barbara's Bake Shoppe Iowa City, IA, mid-1970s

I went to college there, this was a little shop down one of the streets from the Pentacris(sp?). They used to make these crisp sugar cookies with a frosting that was not buttercream, not cream cheese, and not royal icing but sweet enough to put you into a diabetic coma. I am thinking this might have been a poured fondant. If anyone has any idea what this might have been, I would appreciate knowing. It is my fondest wish to have something like this again before I die.

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  1. There is a Barbara's Bake Shoppe in Des Moines, I wonder if they are affiliated with the people that owned the one in Iowa city... As a freshman in college, Barbara's was all about the cream horn to me :)

    1. Barbara's in Des Moines was known for the champagne cake.
      Try asking them. Here is a link, maybe they know.

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        Had many champagne cakes over the years growing up in Des Moines ....

      2. My mom and dad went to school there in the early-1970 and suggest that you try e-mailing Dave at bakeshoppedm@gmail.com ... His family may have owned the bakery you recall being near the Pentacrest. When I went to school there in the early-1990's, I don't recall it being there.

        1. I also went to U of I in the early '70s. Barbara's wasn't all that near the Pentacrest. It was near the old Astro movie theater, across from the magnificent Englert. I worked at the Astro, and treats from Barbara's were everyone's breaktime favorite. They sold the most delicious brownies,moist and delicious, thick frosting, and a genius touch -- sprinkles of sugar ON THE BOTTOM. A friend of mine who moved back to IC with her husband said later they added beautiful petit fours to the selection. I live in NY now, and there isn't a bakery in Mnahattan than can touch Barbara''s when it comes to sweet baked goods.

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            My time there was after Barbara's exit from Iowa City, but I was blessed to have worked with a master baker at the University of Iowa [and lived in an apartment near the Englert] in the early-1990's.

          2. my great uncle owned barbaras