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Jan 13, 2012 12:40 AM

Barbara's Bake Shoppe Iowa City, IA, mid-1970s

I went to college there, this was a little shop down one of the streets from the Pentacris(sp?). They used to make these crisp sugar cookies with a frosting that was not buttercream, not cream cheese, and not royal icing but sweet enough to put you into a diabetic coma. I am thinking this might have been a poured fondant. If anyone has any idea what this might have been, I would appreciate knowing. It is my fondest wish to have something like this again before I die.

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  1. There is a Barbara's Bake Shoppe in Des Moines, I wonder if they are affiliated with the people that owned the one in Iowa city... As a freshman in college, Barbara's was all about the cream horn to me :)

    1. Barbara's in Des Moines was known for the champagne cake.
      Try asking them. Here is a link, maybe they know.

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        Had many champagne cakes over the years growing up in Des Moines ....

      2. My mom and dad went to school there in the early-1970 and suggest that you try e-mailing Dave at ... His family may have owned the bakery you recall being near the Pentacrest. When I went to school there in the early-1990's, I don't recall it being there.

        1. I also went to U of I in the early '70s. Barbara's wasn't all that near the Pentacrest. It was near the old Astro movie theater, across from the magnificent Englert. I worked at the Astro, and treats from Barbara's were everyone's breaktime favorite. They sold the most delicious brownies,moist and delicious, thick frosting, and a genius touch -- sprinkles of sugar ON THE BOTTOM. A friend of mine who moved back to IC with her husband said later they added beautiful petit fours to the selection. I live in NY now, and there isn't a bakery in Mnahattan than can touch Barbara''s when it comes to sweet baked goods.

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            My time there was after Barbara's exit from Iowa City, but I was blessed to have worked with a master baker at the University of Iowa [and lived in an apartment near the Englert] in the early-1990's.

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              Kristen, my mother loved barbara's cakes mostly for the crisco icing (I've got a great story of her buying 4 of them to freeze when they went out of business, and then them all being eaten in a week when we lost power!). I recently recreated my favorite barbara's item, their herky sugar cookies.

              Do you know if they are at all affiliated with the barbara's bakery in Des Moines that folks have mentioned in the thread above? I'm hosting a wedding anniversary for my parents (40th) and would just love to get them a barbara's cake if I could, as I think barbara's probably made their wedding cake in 1975.