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Jan 13, 2012 12:01 AM

Best Reuben you've had in the Twin Cities?

I didn't really eat these sandwiches until fairly recently--and man--I was sure missing out all this time! Delicious! But I've only had the sandwich at Cecil's Deli on Cleveland Ave in Highland Park, and I have the distinct impression that place is overrated.

I think there must be better out there.

I'm looking for corned beef that is sliced thick (as opposed to shaved, as Cecil's does it), and MORE of it on the sandwich. The sauerkraut and cheese need to be there, and sauce should be Russian, though I think dijon might be better.

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  1. The best I've had is at Kaladi's in Hudson, WI.

    1. I grew up with Cecil's and love it. Especially the sour cream in the sauerkraut.

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        Ditto on Cecil's. I also lover their seriously old-fashioned potato salad.

      2. I've had both great and only OK at Victory 44 thick cut meat comes with killer fries. Don't like the new slaw they are putting on it now, it is trying to be a uncured sauerkraut. I have not had it isn quite a while so it might have changed again.

        Victory 44
        2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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          Oooh, yes... I have heard great things of Victory 44. I must go there and try it out.

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            Wait... am I understanding what you wrote above correctly? They're putting slaw--coleslaw--on their reubens? Not sauerkraut?

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              I have not had it in a long while. I stopped because it was more like a slaw than a sauerkraut and was hooked on their tasting menu. Wasn't bad just different. I don't know how the make it now. Anyone had one lately?

          2. +1 in the Cecils is HIGHLY overrated camp. Bletch. I had the reuben there not long ago and decided that and everything else is nursing home food. Nothing about anything I ate was good and the reuben was almost inedible. The meat was like shoe leather.

            The Narrows out by Lake Mtka puts chunks of corned beef in their reuben, IIRC. It doesn't work for me because they serve it with some weird overtly mayo type of sauce vs. Russian or thousand island, but it's decent and so is their side of slaw should you choose that.
            You might try the Jake's chain as a closer alternative if you're not into the drive to Navarre.
            Champs used to make a decent reuben, but I haven't been there in several years. I think their meat was sliced.

            The best ones I've had I make at home, that way there's always enough kraut and they're good and sloppy with homemade thousand island dressing--extra for dipping please. It's all about the sour/salty/sweet contrast for me, and it's gotta be on decent/great rye which is getting harder and harder to find. I also do a reuben pizza from my wood-fired oven that is kinda killer.

            1. I've said it here before and I'll say it again - McGarry's Pub in Maple Plain is the place for great corned beef. It has a great fat to meat ratio which renders it juicy and tender. The Reuben comes with big hunks of it on grilled dark rye with sauerkraut, swiss and thousand island dressing. The bread holds up well to the kraut and dressing so it's not a big slopfest.

              The atmosphere at McGarry's is charming in an Irish Pub kind of way. We like to get a table by the fireplace in the bar area. It's a nice way to relax on a rainy or snowy Saturday afternoon.

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                Oh, that sounds very promising... but I just can't justify a 30 mile drive for a reuben sandwich! LOL

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                  I can second McGarry's Pub for a lot of reasons.

                  1. re: Davydd

                    I can also vouch for McGarry's. Mac's Industrial in NE Mpls. has a thick sliced Reuben but the problem is, at least the two times I went there, there was very little corned beef in the sandwich.