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Jan 12, 2012 11:40 PM

Chicory coffee

A Louisiana friend wondered where to get this. I looked on the Algerian Coffee Shop's website; no joy. Any other ideas?


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  1. I am attaching a website that might help. First off the root is used like dandelion as a coffee substitute. This website might help:

    1. In the States, the most popular chicory coffee is called French Market Coffee (from Louisiana I think). My aunt always used it years ago. I'm not sure if Whole Foods carries it, but it's worth a call. They might have a substitute, too.

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        Great suggestion. That's precisely the type of product that I think he's looking for. Just for my education, am I correct that it's regular coffee with chicory added rather than a totally different product?

        1. re: shiraschnitzer

          It's a long time since I've seen a can of that coffee, but from what I remember it IS coffee with chicory added. I don't think anyone would drink chicory alone, but stranger things than that are consumed!

      2. Traditional Maltese coffee has chicory in it. If you are not adverse to ordering online, you can get it from Jubilee Foods in Malta.

        1. According to some of the threads linked below, some Vietnamese and South Indian coffees can also have chicory. Perhaps looking in grocery stores that specialise in foods from those regions might be an alternative starting point for a search.

          1. could try some Camp, delicious chicory syrup. not personally used it to make hot chicory coffee but was addicted to iced lattes with this stuff when i was a kid.

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              Ah yes, Camp. Made camping trips even more horrific than they already were. I can still see the flat bottle (for ease of carrying) in my nightmares.