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Jan 12, 2012 09:13 PM

I will be laughed off this board!

You have to try the sammamish sandwich at QFC's deli. It is surprisingly and delightfully delicious.

Boar's head roast beef and salami with banana peppers, marinated onions, Parmesan, pesto...

Sometimes I sub turkey for the roast beef but keep the salami, if I'm feeling particularly Jenny Craig that day.

A footlong Sammie is $6

$6. Half for lunch, half for dinner. It's absurd how cheap this sandwich is.

Ok. Laugh me off. Now.

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  1. actually, sounds pretty good. i will check out my QFC in the seatte area and see if they make this sandwich.

    1. At $6, how can you be sure they're using actual Boar's head meats? Unless they slice'em and make the sandwich right in front of you, I'd be doubtful.

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      1. re: pdxgastro

        That's somewhat of a silly thing to doubt. Boar's head meats are becoming more and more ubiquitous. They do slice it right in front of you. And it's QFC, corporate lawyers would never let a chain Establishment say one thing and do another. Give it a try and then proceed to laugh me off this board. Lol

        1. re: BerkeleyGirl

          Right. That would be a dumb thing to cheat on. They would be outed in short order. Some people are distrusting of everyone. That's no way to live. Assume they are honest unless you have a reason not to, on my opinion.

        2. re: pdxgastro

          QFC sells Boar's Head meats in the same department that prepares and sells the sandwiches.

        3. If I was gonna laugh you off this board, it would be for subbing out the roast beef for turkey and thinking that was 'Jenny Craig' worthy. You save about 10 calories that way, compared to roughly 60 calories saved if you took off the salami and replaced it with turkey.

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          1. re: ratbuddy

            So true, so true. But every point / calorie counts in Jenny's world. And plain turkey is such a snoozefest.

          2. what's with the name of the sandwich?

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            1. re: melissa511

              Sammamish is a city east of Seattle. The name comes from the Coast Salish people. QFC is based out of Bellevue.

              1. re: pdxgastro

                I see ... well, I was intrigued so I dropped by the local QFC to check out the Sammamish. You're right, it's huge ... in fact, I asked for half a sandwich ($3.49, I think) and the deli person forgot and gave me a whole one -- and charged me for the half! It was tasty indeed. Good call.

            2. They have a number of great sandwiches named after local towns. My daughter's favorite is the Yakima, which is a sandwich wrap. I think turkey, some kind of cheese, apple and other stuff. They all look amazing.