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Jan 12, 2012 07:15 PM

Any cool spots (that serves really good food) that will be showing the Pats game on Sat night?

We have friends visiting who really want to watch the Pats game on Saturday night. I actually got a babysitter that night to take them out, and I think I'll cry if I have to sit in a lame bar eating lousy bar food. Originally I wanted to go to Contigo, but don't want to chance it if they're not showing game. Any recs? Thank you.

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  1. I think Cover 3 may be your answer.

    We've had some very, very good service and the food is always good.

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      The only problem that I have with Cover 3 is the volume. If you're interested in listening to the game as well as watching it, you're in for a real challenge. It never seems loud enough to hear clearly. I've seen 3 Saints games there and it's been a problem each time. We'd ask the manager to turn it up and he would...ever so slightly. You can see the game beautifully and from various angles- but not hear. This may not be a problem if you arrive early enough to sit at the bar, however. That said, I very much enjoyed the food while watching the games. The macaroni & cheese is outstanding, as are the beef nachos. They seem to be made with brisket or perhaps roast beef. I never order either of those but they call to me here and are superior to most. I've had a couple entrees and enjoyed those, too.

    2. You mean the 49ers game? ;-) Oops, sorry, I'm late here. But Shoal Creek Saloon is considered THE home of the patriots here in Austin as far as restaurants go. JUST FYI and for future reference.