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Jan 12, 2012 06:11 PM

Bamboo Fire - Delray

Chowhounds suggested we try this Caribbean restaurant last year, and it is the only restaurant to which we returned. We were not disappointed when we visisted it again this January. Beverly started cooking for her friends who encouraged her to expand, and are we glad she did, but you still get the feeling that she has invited you to her home for dinner. Spicy, flavorful meatballs were immediately placed before us, and we ordered the cocoanut shrimp (because we had learned they would be the best we had ever had) and the conch. Accompanying our dinners came sweet plantains, caribbean rice, and the tastiest greens. We didn't have room, but we couldn't reist the guava cheesecake, which was worth the calories. Foodies, don't miss this place. It is only open Wed through Sat. We are going back again before we return home.

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  1. Just tried this place over the weekend and it's truly a gem! Away from the glitz and over priced menus on Atlantic Ave. Service is slow, island style! Basa cooked on a banana leaf, tostones, garbanzo fritos, fish tacos, fresh salad, sweet plantain, and Calypso Lemonade (on the very sweet side, had to mix with club soda). A must try if you are looking for some delicious island food.