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Jan 12, 2012 05:14 PM

How can I freeze oatmeal in individual servings?

I bought some frozen oatmeal at Sam's for my elderly mother who doesn't like to cook even oatmeal any more. She really liked it.

I would like to make it myself as there is no Sam's in my city ....and also because it is very expensive at Sam's.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I've done this, but refrigerated serving sizes of cooked cereal. I used plastic lidded food storage cups. You don't put anything in the cereal--or at least I didn't--but sweeten or flavor after reheating in the microwave. I would think that the cups of cooked cereal should be thawed the night before. I don't know if you could reheat the cereal from frozen, but you could try it to see. I inverted the cup for a molded serving of cooked cereal, and then heated in the micro.

    1. I divide a batch of porridge into muffin tins, cool & freeze overnight. Pop the frozen cereal pucks into a large bag or container. This is a bit easier if you use a silicone pan on a baking sheet to freeze them. I nuke them from frozen, maybe 2 minutes on high. My cereal mix can be pretty firm, so I splash just a little milk in before nuking to loosen it up; maybe 1/2 what I'll end up putting in.
      I've made it with fruit cooked in and/or added after nuking. It just depends on what is available.
      I do think that fruit added in the cooking is better if it is chopped small; ymmv.

      1. I make a huge pot of oatmeal once a week, cool, pop in screw-top Glad containers, throw in about a heaping teaspoon of brown sugar, then freeze. Nuke, transfer to a bowl, and serve.

        1. Thanks to all for your help.

          I cooked 5 cups of oatmeal with 10 cups of water (too much water). Had to cook the oatmeal a little longer than I would have liked because of using too much water.

          I froze some in muffin cups and put some in the fridge.

          I used the refrigerated oatmeal today. It was a solid mass, so I had to spend some time breaking up the chunks. Probably more time than if I had just started from scratch.

          Is there anything I can do next time or is this just the way it is?


          I added some water to the mass, heated it in the microwave, and broke up chunks several times.

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            Baked oatmeal bars might be a good way to go.

          2. Thanks, jvanherh.

            Do you mean I can use the not-so-great frozen oatmeal to make a bar? I hope so!

            My husband told me this morning that the frozen-oatmeal experiment was not successful; that the oatmeal was slimy ---- and he will eat anything! For example, one time I unknowingly put sour milk on his cereal and he ate it!

            I was getting ready to pitch at least six servings of the sad mess, but if you can tell me a use, I'd be grateful. I hate to waste food.

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              I haven't tried that, but if you google "leftover ideas for oatmeal" you should find some ideas.

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                If the weather is cold where you are, and you don't want to use the oatmeal, you can always put it out for the squirrels and other wildlife.

                There are online recipes (including in this board) for "cream" soups using oatmeal rather than dairy. You could always add oatmeal pucks to soups before pureeing them. They will thicken the soup without changing the flavor very obviously.

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                  I think my mind is running along the same lines as jvanderh. I tried making oatmeal ahead and freezing; like Laredo, I found that thawing and reheating were more trouble than making it from scratch. Then I ran across a couple of recipes for baked oatmeal, which we really like. You mix the oatmeal (raw) with milk, I think an egg or two, and usually dried fruit. Bake it and then slice. You can serve it right away, but I freeze the "bars." When I want to eat them, I just zap in the microwave and then mush up with milk in the bowl. I prefer the texture to regular oatmeal, but then I'm not a big lover of traditional oatmeal.