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Jan 12, 2012 05:12 PM

Sebastian's - any info?

I saw an ad that Sebastian's was opening in Church Park. Their website shows other locations up and running around Boston and Cambridge. Their menu, salads, sandwiches, soups & a few entrées, looks like decent food before a concert or a show.

Has anyone eaten at any of their other locations? Any comments on quality, price (absent from online menu), etc? Considering the lack of alternatives in the Symphony area, is this place likely to make a difference?

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  1. If this is the Sebastian's that is a common lunch time haunt for downtown and also now in Kendall Sq, then they're kind of meh. Make-your--own-salads at a rip off price (unless you get all lettuce), so-so sandwiches and "bowls", and a variety of snacks you can pick up. The one in Kendall also has a crepe station, though I've never had them. They're a step above fast food, but I would lower my expectations if you try it.

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      Second this, although I'd extend the "rip off price" to cover everything (talking about the Kendall one). Of course almost everything in the immediate vicinity is a rip off so they're not unique.

      I still go there now and then for lunch but that has more to do with convenience than anything else

    2. Agree with the others - not really all that much different from the other middle-management lunch troughs around town. There is definitely worse out there, though.

      1. Boring as hell, a generic waste of space, a plague on white-collar business neighborhoods.

        1. Nothing to get excited about as all have said.

          However, if one orders salad with no supplemental proteins, you can get a good value. And compared to a few other middle management troughs, the greens and veggies always seem to be pretty fresh, and the staff always seems to be pretty happy to be working there.

          1. Definitely meh and expensive. The one in the Financial District is usually jammed at lunch, which means that there is so much stuff moved through the salad bar that it is always fresh. That makes it reliable in a pinch, but nothing to get excited about.