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Jan 12, 2012 05:07 PM


I have a lacto-ovo vegetarian friend coming to visit soon and I am wondering if there are any restaurants in the area that offer a souffle on the menu. I've looked at most of the classic French restaurant menus in town and haven't found any. Is this something you just have to cook at home or do without? I can whip up a perfectly decent version of my own, but I just thought it would be very festive to get the experience at one of our fabulous restaurants. An omelette is OK, but c'mon . . . this is New Orleans!

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  1. I can't think of anything other than Commander's bread pudding soufflé. There's the carrot soufflé at Picadilly, but that's not even real soufflé. It is however delicious.

    1. Emeril's has a dark choc souffle w/ choc sauce. Le Foret used to have an almond or vanilla which was excellent.

      1. It's not usually a vegetarian version, but Cafe Degas typically has a souffle special on the menu at Sunday Brunch.

        1. I agree with jazzyB. Emeril's has the best souffle in town.