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How to doctor too-sweet Sweet Potato Soup?

I bought TJ's sweet potato soup in a carton and it is very sweet.

Is there something I can do to salvage it?

Thank you!

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  1. Haven't had that soup so I can't be specific, but a little acid can counteract sweet most of the time. Try adding a bit of vinegar. You might also want to add a bit of milk or cream as dairy can change the taste of soups.

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      I agree about the acid and the dairy. When I make sweet potato soup, I usually use sour cream or buttermilk or a combination of the two to cut the sweetness a little. Try that.

      Smokiness is a nice contrast to sweet potato too--some chipotle or smoked paprika.

    2. If it were me, I'd think about adding some plain yogurt. You can't heat it to a high temp after adding it, but you could add it after heating up the soup.

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        or buttermilk. or lime juice and chile powder.

      2. try squeeze of lemon or lime,

        or serve w dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche.

        you could also try changing the flavor profile significantly, such as w curry spices or hot chiles sauteed w compatible vegetables or poultry, and added in-- top w cilantro or other herbs. but perhaps not worth the PITA

        1. Cook with some spicy sausage or add some plain potato puree.

          1. I would dilute it with pureed cooked acorn or butternut squash. Similar in texture and color, but not as sweet.

            1. Think, Salt, Spice(chili) and or Sour.
              All work well to tame sweetness.

              1. Fresh ginger, freshly squeezed orange juice, cream, and a spec of cayenne.

                  1. One of my favorite soups is the sweet potato coconut bisque from Tupelo Honey Cafe's cookbook. If you mixed in some coconut milk - the UNSWEETENED milk, not coconut cream! - you'd help with the sweetness and add a delicious extra element.