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Jan 12, 2012 01:58 PM

Bluebird Cafe Culver City RIP

Just went down National Bl in Culver city and found a for lease sign on the property. So there go my plans to try their Egg Salad sandwich which was mentioned here. I'm not sure if it was the downturn or the construction of the Expo line which led to it's demise, but that's the second restaurant in recent memory on that strip to go under. I know a few coworkers who will miss their cupcakes.

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  1. aww, what sad news!! i'll be missing their cupcakes as well - they weren't life changing but good in that homey sort of way... they were ginormous too. the egg salad sammie was not all that special, iirc.

    1. I noticed a while back that they seemed to have lost access to the parking area next to them. Without parking, there was no way they could survive.

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        parking is key in LA:
        irrc Charmers market in SM went down because of insufficient parking.
        i believe the parking lot played a big role Hacienda's attraction to the Pershing location.