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Jan 12, 2012 01:54 PM

Sat. night in Worcester- dining tip needed

Heading to a show at Ralph's the 21st and my girls want dinner. One of the girls mentioned Tweeds and I said here's the group demographics: not too diverse diners, want cheap..I am sort of thinking Boyton, a no brainer. Lucky closes at 9, too early as our show is at 10.....anything fun and funky and cheap for the budget minded? We'd like the Highland St. area.

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  1. my "go to" for cheap is usually Da Lat for vietnamese. boynton is a great choice but will be really busy at that time, so be prepared to wait. I also really like Perfect Game for pub type food, good burgers and sandwiches. have fun!!

    1. For fun and funky and cheap(?) , try Beatnik's on Park Ave. Not a whole of offerings but it is good and fun

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        Like Da Lat but my friends are less inclined ...It's either Boynton or Beatniks..dying to try Ritual someday but not this time..

        thanks all..