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Jan 12, 2012 01:39 PM


Next week, I will be staying near the convention center for one week, without a car. First visit to Dallas. I generally prefer to get take-out and eat in my hotel room. Suggestions would be appreciated. FYI, I am a BBQ hound, but have the impression that, despite a Texas BBQ craving, it would be wise to do without rather than go to Sonny Bryan's nearby West End location. Also like authentic Mexican, Tex-Mex, Cuban, Indian, middle-eastern, good sandwiches, Italian subs, and various Asian. Thanks

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  1. If you're going to be at/near the convention center, you're probably going to have access to the DART light rail system. Off the top of my head I can come up with

    Your best bet for take out is going to be the West End. Pricey but still interesting. On the Green Line North there's Victory Plaza and the Asian District. There's Mockingbird Station and Lover's Lane on the Red Line North that have some interesting restaurants. There's a couple of italian sub places in the downtown rail corridor. If youre up for a bit of a walk there's also McKinney Avenue restaurants which are interesting as well but more of a eat in. can help you find all sorts of routes to interesting restaurants.

    1. A couple of block walk to the Farmer's Market might be in order. Pecan Lodge there is definitely worth the short walk for some of the city's best BBQ. Also, La Popular for tamales and Old World Sausage for cased meats and sandwiches, etc. are both pretty good. Check the hours on weekdays.

      Be a little vigilant in the blocks between the CC, City Hall and the market, there is a big homeless shelter and soup kitchen or two around there so there can be a bit foot traffic and the occasional panhandler, but it shouldn’t scare you off. Walk up the north side of Young, then right/south on Harwood.

      Cindy's for serviceable deli and bagels is one block from the CC.

      If you get adventurous, you can check out the tunnel network downtown. There is a dumpling shop called Kuai and a Noodle shop called Nexus that will satisfy a fix. Also a place called Tree Birds for Cajun, try the rice and beans. Most of this is shut down after hours. There are various other fast food and sandwich shops that are probably not worth mentioning.

      Here’s a map of the tunnels:

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          A third vote for the dumplings (don't get the rice bowls) at Kuai...and it's kinda fun walking around the underground network.

          You can get takeout from any restaurant in Dallas, even higher end ones which surprised me when I moved down here. In the West End, I'd recommend YO Ranch Steakhouse.

          Also, just a short walk down Lamar from the Convention Center is The Cedars Social - I love the pork belly and the fries, but you can't really go wrong with anything on the menu.

          Also the Omni just opened up right beside the convention center. There's a Bob's steakhouse located in there - apparently the best steak in DFW (although I don't think so, but it wins numerous polls every year).

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            Be mindful of the hours of Pecan Lodge too, only thursday to sunday!


            Otherwise I'd agree with Cedars Social, also take advantage of the light rail and head over to Deep Ellum or other areas of downtown. Either way, the cab ride is pretty short and inexpensive.

            If you like good Japanese food, do not miss Tei An (run some searches on them here).

          2. WOW! You guys are great. I am printing your responses and taking them with me and will report back. Any further suggestions? Thanks again.

            1. You can also take the green line DART train to Deep Ellum, where there's excellent pizza, good burger joints, and a variety of other restaurants.

              1. Good, seriously no frills, greasy Tex-Mex simple food. Love the nachos - Miguel's - downtown, 1/2 block from the Akard Station, red or blue line. Comfotable for solo dining. M-F til 7pm.