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Jan 12, 2012 01:19 PM

Gourmet cupcakes in Vegas?

Can anyone recommend any gourmet cupcake specialty shops in Vegas, especially any that might be willing to deliver to a hotel on the strip? Something similar in quality to Sprinkles or the Vanilla Bake Shop in LA.

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    1. Retro has been solid for a few years now, great cookies too. They do deliver to the strip for a $20 surcharge, but their cupcakes are about 50c less than everyone elses so if you're ordering a couple dozen, no biggie. Great flavor choices, don't miss the "Pucker Up", the "Brownie Sundae" and the "Coffee and Donuts".

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      1. re: jackattack

        The 20 buck surcharge may seem high, but keep in mind they are waaayyy out in the northwestern suburbs so it seems reasonable to me (Retro is a good 20 miles from the strip, maybe more). Very good.....

        1. re: janetofreno

          BTW, I wanted a treat for my hubbie's birthday last night but knew that we would never eat an entire cake. So I made the trek out to Retro (I just went home from work the long way:-)...and he LOVED the cupcakes! I couldn't decide on flavors so I got three, and we ended up splitting all three. Coconut, Mocha chocolate, and strawberry-and-chocolate. As I suspected it would be, the coconut was both of our favorite:-) But all were very good; the cake is very moist and the buttercream is fantastic. Definitely a good choice!

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            I have never tried one of them but GiGi's Cupcakes now has a second location in Las Vegas location at the newly remodeled Plaza Hotel & Casino downtown. Gigi's has 30 varieties of cupcakes.

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              I get cupcakes from GiGi's on Flamingo once in a while, always very good.

            2. re: janetofreno

     time try the PUCKER UP and the BROWNIE SUNDAE cupcake.

        2. There is also Sin City Cupcakes. My wife and I ordered for our anniversary. Alcohol infused cupcakes delivered for free to the Venetian on the Strip. Real wide variety.