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Jan 12, 2012 01:18 PM

Looking for good food in Mooresville, NC. Specifically fresh seafood.

Going to the Mooresville side of Lake Norman this summer. I stayed for a week 2 years ago and had several disappointing experiences. I am specifically looking for seafood, non-Calabash style. I also like Vietnamese, Thai, and Mexican.

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  1. Well, you can find plenty of that in Charlotte (about a 40-minute drive away), but I doubt, with the exception of Mexican and maybe Thai, you'll find any of that in Mooresville or immediately nearby.

    1. This link is to a blogger who focuses on Lake Norman - might have some new to you options:

      1. Lots of good info in this thread that I started a while back. Mooresville, Cornelius & Davidson are in the same general area, FYI.

        P.S. For Thai, check out Thai Marlai in Cornelius. Great authentic Thai food (my friend's sister lives in Bangkok and she loves the place). The lady who owns the place is a hoot to boot. Also, La Patisseriein Mooresville is a locally owned bakery and breakfast & lunch spot. They have all sorts of pastries, breads, sandwiches and some delicious empanadas (spinach and feta is really good). Great coffee too. Here is a link totheir website:

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          Since my original comments (via lynnlato) I've been to Flatiron a couple of times and it's way improved. Also in Cornelius is 131 Main which is decent and in Birkdale Village (Huntersville/Cornelius border) there's eeZ which is owned by the same folks who own Cowfish. The eeZ and Cowfish menus are not exact but they have some of the same items.

          North Harbor Club is a nice place for lakeside dining in the summer. Not epic food but pleasant service and passable. They catered a work party for me last summer and the food was outstanding but for some reason, the regular menu isn't quite as good. I prefer lunch to dinner there. If you go, look online or in the local papers for a 2-for-1 coupon. There always seems to be a deal.

          For good take-out to heat at home, try Ferrucci's Italian market in Cornelius. The sandwiches are good and the prepared foods are fresh and tasty -- pretty old school Italian stuff.

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            Looks like you hit the right spots. I've heard good things about an Italian restaurant in Mooresville named Caruso's. I had lunch there onece enjoyed it, but never dinner.

            Sometimes you can get a decent plate of seafood at a place in Mooresville named Big Daddy's, but fried is their wheelhouse.

            Eez probably has the best variety of seafood done reasonably well in the area.

        2. Let me now confirm to you that Caruso's is an extraordinary restaurant with great attention placed on their seafood offerings. It is an Italian restaurant, very low lighting, on the fine dining side, but not in a stuffy way. Their Chilean sea bass dish is their house specialty and for good reason. They do warn that sometimes it will not be available due to inability to get a product of their standards (that speaks volumes to me). I highly recommend this restaurant.

          1. For seafood, try Restaurant X in Davidson, about 13 minutes from mooresville. Intimate and special, without being stuffy. A wide-ranging and creative menu--and their seafood dishes are always delicious!

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