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Jan 12, 2012 12:46 PM

Red Monk Asian Bistro in Metuchen

Has anyone been to this new restaurant which is in the space previously occupied by Spice Melange? The menu, which emphasizes Thai and Malaysian dishes, looks good and the prices seem very reasonable but on-line reviews range from awful to outstanding! A lot of the criticism relates to service issues, which might be expected of new restaurants, but this place has been open for quite a while.

If you check out the web site, you'll find that it's rather quirky. As you page down to see all the menu items, the site suddenly minimizes.

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  1. Went there for the first time over the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Although I thought the food could be more flavorful, it did NOT have that salty taste as much Asian food does, so I was happy.
    I found the ingredients fresh, the place clean and someone who must have been owner/part owner extremely welcoming and accommodating.