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Jan 12, 2012 12:38 PM

Recs near Yonge & College

Any suggestions will be appreciated, especially quick breakfasts.

Thank You!!

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  1. I am afraid I do not have a solid breakfast reccomendation but for dinner:
    guu izakaya- I live on that intersection and guu is the only really good food place very close to that intersection. It is a japanese tapas though, they do not take reservations and there is a wait time involved.
    dinner/lunch: Osteria Ciceci e Tria and La Bettola di Terroni close to victoria and Queen (which is not too far a walk) is pretty decent!

    1. For breakfast (not very quick, and competent rather than good) but good selection Fran's on College just west of Yonge. But pick and choose as can be very greasy.

      For fast, cheap lunch or dinner Salad King (Thai Food) - used to be a University hang-out but mixed crowd now - Yonge west side closer to Dundas than College but 5-7 mins walk.

      1. For breakfast:
        Fire On The East Side (6 Gloucester Street), just off Yonge, north of Wellesley
        (Olympic 76 is a good pizza place right beside Fire)

        For coffee:
        Bulldog (89 Granby Street), just south of Carlton on Church

        Around Yonge & College:
        Ritz Jamaican
        Burrito Bandido
        Big Slice
        Yummy BBQ Korean


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          I LOVE Fire on The East Side - but it's not 'quick' - quite the opposite - a place to relax.

        2. No suggestions for breakfast, but for lunch, W Burger Bar...yum!