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Jan 12, 2012 12:13 PM

Late-nite dining in Nashville

Can anyone recommend a good place for food after a Predators game? Typically, the games end at 10 or 10:30 and the "usual suspects" are closed by that time. Driving to East Nashville, West End or Green Hills is not a problem.



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  1. A few spots that are known for late-night dining (not all the common in Nashville) are Sunset Grille, Cabana, Bound'ry, ChaChah. Keep in mind that some are late only on weekends, and some offer limited (but still adequate) menus late.

    1. Holland House offers a late night menu. Mafiaoza's also serves their full menu until 2am. I still think their whole pie might be one of the best in town, especially late at night. El Tapatio on Nolensville offers authentic tacos/smoked chicken pretty late into the night.

      1. The new Pharmacy burger place, next to Holland House, is also open late -- I think until 4am.

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            Sorry to burst your bubble, but Pharmacy closes at 2am according to their Yelp and Facebook page.

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              Still, 2am is better than 10pm!!