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Jan 12, 2012 11:55 AM

What should I have on Angeli's last night?

I managed to get a reservation for tomorrow night, the last night Angeli will be open - made it a couple of weeks ago, and all I could get is 5:30, but at least I'll be there on the last night! My first time at Angeli was the first week it was open.

So I'm agonizing over what to eat. I was there last week also, and had the Ligurian fish soup, which is what I usually get. What are your chow-ish recommendations, what are the very best dishes?

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  1. Early is good! The kitchen is less hurried and things tend to back up around 6:30pm in my experience these past weeks with take out orders and such...

    On our recent visits, we stuck with the classics. Gnocchi, Vegetables (the Brocolli is better than the potatoes) and Pizza Special (Great sausage!). The Chicken coming out also out looked outstanding!


    1. We are doing takeout for our final Angeli meal:
      white bean soup, pizza bread
      potato croquettes
      caesar salad and forte salad
      beet gnocchi
      sausage & onion pizza and margarita pizza.

      The guys are bringing it all home right now. What a treat! I hope her next endeavor won't be too far away. Wish her well and huge thank you to Evan Kleiman and her staff. We have been fans from the start.

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        1. re: Babette

          Mmm, I was thinking of the seafood linguini. Have you had it before?

          1. re: arb

            My son loves it and ate most of it. I had a piece of shrimp, it was pretty good. But I'm so fat and happy from the pizza, gnocchi, soup, bread, and salad.

            1. re: arb

              Also love the veg lasagne but didn't get it today.

        2. Nineteen hundred rounds of that bread.

          Gnocchi, whatever they may be.

          Insalata forte.

          Any sausage pizza.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            True, whatever I actually order is likely to be the next day's dinner, since I am planning to pack in as much of the bread and olive oil as possible.

            1. re: arb

              one of the reasons i like getting the gnocchi is to dip the bread in the butter sauce.
              one item on the menu i regret not trying is the spicy pasta sauce- anyone ever have that? is it awesome?

              1. re: Clyde

                In a word (pardon the cliche)...yes.

          2. Beet Gnochhi! or whatever gnocchi they have tommorrow night. Also, ask for some extra bread to go and freeze it for another time. I love the veggie pizza too. The first thing i ever ate there was the ravioli and i kept getting that until i discovered the gnocchi. so i'd switch off with gnocchi and veggie pizza and sad to say i never really experienced much else on the menu. i got the seafood linguine once and i don't remember loving it, but that was many years ago.

            1. Don't forget patience, though probably less of it is needed at 5:30pm.

              I never "got" their gnocchi, nor their pizzas, but the potato croquettes and the desserts remain absolute killer.