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Jan 12, 2012 10:43 AM

Grade B syrup in Nashua?

Usually we pick our syrup up at a fair/event. But we are running low and I don't feel like driving to Temple or Mason. Anyplace in/near Nashua that has Grade B?

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  1. Ben's Sugar Shack is now available at Shaw's, give a call and see what kind they carry! Lull Farm should carry plenty of NH syrup, but I'd call first to see what grades they have in stock.

    1. Trader Joe's had some, I think I got it in November; product of Canada if you don’t mind that it isn’t local. May want to call ahead there too, if you have no need to go there otherwise.

      1. Try Wilson or Lull Farm. Don't forget there are many winter farmers market on weekends in both MA or NH. They would have maple syrup .

        1. thanks everyone! i forgot about the farmers markets...i'll have to look them up.

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            Milford has a winter market at the town hall on Saturdays. Lull Farm closes for a bit in the winter (Milford closed til the spring) but maybe Brookdale is still open.

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              I just drove by Lull and Brookdale in Hollis, someone was coming out of Lull, but I didn't notice if it was open, it was last week. Brookdale had a big closed sign on the door.

          2. Marshall's/TJs have 'sampler' sets of syrups that include Grade B syrup.

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              This is going to sound weird (ha) but Christmas Tree Shoppes have Grade B pretty frequently. I've found Maple Grove and McClures there.