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Jan 12, 2012 10:25 AM

Saucisse de Morteau in montreal?

Does anyone know where to buy Saucisse de Morteau in the City? It is a sausage from the Franche Comte region.


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  1. Please clarify in English! Never heard of, "saucisse de Morteau?"

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    1. re: eatwell

      It's got a French Wikipedia entry - here's the Google Translate version in English:

    2. This review is from January 2011
      and mentions morteau. Perhaps you could call F Bar and see where they source it from?

      1. You can find a very good saucisse de Morteau, maybe the best in Montreal, at the charcuterie Queue de cochon, 6400, Saint-Hubert 514-527-2252.
        They have a huge choice of sausages and cold cuts, and the quality is top notch.

        1. Eatwell - it is a sausage from the Franche Comte region that is served with Concoillote over boiled potatoes. Concoillote is a runny cheese that incidentally is found at La Vielle Europe on St Laurent. The cuisine from this region is so well suited to our winters here. You should try the Mont d'Or Cheese as well.

          Tartar_mtl - many thanks for the tip! I will be heading to JT market this weekend and will stop off at the Queue de cochon! THANK YOU!

          Unlaced - Thanks for sharing the article!

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          1. re: cok guzel

            I have just been told that they are available at Maison du Roti on Montreal Est.

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              Just to make sure you get to the right place, the one at JTM is called Cochons tout ronds. La queue de cochon is on St-Hubert in the Plaza.

            2. The original comment has been removed