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Jan 12, 2012 10:19 AM

istanbul recs??

i thought i would throw out a wide open general request for istanbul chow suggestions before i followup later with some specific ideas and questions. thanks if anything immediately comes to mind as a must not miss! going in april.

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  1. Lucky you. As you'll likely see from the list below this post, there are already discussions about Istanbul that may help you to get started. This one is useful:

    1. forgot to report back!
      mostly thanks to istanbul eats for the great website n recs :)

      first of all, below is a great bar, one of the best really - be brave you can eat kelle paca lol! it was served boiled and shredded with raw onions - it was alright, good manly beer drinking side ha:

      asma alti cafe bar - beyogulu fish mrkt (balikpazari) near brit consulate+galatasary sq- efes/kelle paca=sheeps brain app -beer+brains is all they have! address: Kalyoncu Kulluk Caddesi 13/a, Beyoglu

      if i have not lost you with the kelle pacha, this next note was the best meal of all. hamsi is a small local fish that is a specialy here. loved it. the string cheese was awesome:

      mohti laz mehayne - Address: Orhan Adli Apaydın Sk. No:15/A Kat-2, Asmalımescit- Telephone: 212-249-7181 - hamsi ekmek cornbread n anchovies, kavurma pickled vegs, kaygana leek/kale/hamsi omlette, muhlama stringy cheese, hinkali dumpling, hamsi fish.

      this last place was one of a small local chainlet located on the asian side in kadikoy. very friendly and tasty. no alcohol:
      otantik andalou yemeklerli - kadikoy

      1. Just came back from 10 days in Turkey. The two best meal we had were Meze by Lemon Tree and Giritli, both in European Istanbul. Loved them both. Wish we had more chances to explore further out locations in Istanbul, but I highly recommed these two restaurants. Service matched the excellence of the food. Bring your appetite!