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Jan 12, 2012 10:09 AM

A tasting menu with a twist

A local restaurant March du sud does an off menu tasting night for the people in the know once a month. Everyone brings their own wine. Thats the twist. He does not charge a corkage fee. The only rule is your wine must be pretty decent because everyone shares their wine. Last night was one of those nights. Here is a list of the wines we had last night. We started with pinots American and Australian. Followed by 1984 torcolato, 1970 lynch bages,1995 rennina, 2004 del forno romano,2001 rubicon, 2005 bond, 2 1989 vouvrays, 1997 and 2000 taylors. The food was a house made foie gras with black truffle marmalade, organic asparagus veloute with black truffles, grilled quail, palate cleanser, fresh shot pheasant with linguini, rabbit chausseur, cheese then chocolate mousse. I wanted to bring some attention to it. Last night just 8 of us took all this down. With more people different wines would come that could only be better.

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  1. Awesome meal. Where is this place. and Wow a 1970 Lynch Bages,, I actually had that year of Lynch Bages but back around "85 and it was amazing. I bet it was wonderful.

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      I brought the 70. It was still drinking well and was suprisely youthfull. However my favorite wine was itilians that phil brought. I am not sure when the next one is. I go there for drinks maybe once a week the owners/chefs there always just ask them or I think on their website you just email them.

      1. "The only rule is your wine must be pretty decent because everyone shares their wine."

        How expensive of a wine are we talking? Quick search looks like at least $50? Is the restaurant closed for the event? How much is it?

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          Not closed we head to the back garden. He gets a final number before hand. The last was 100. I think the next one will be pork dishes. Like a whole pig. Tony takes suggestions though. As far as the wine some of us brought 2 others brought 1. I think 50 dollar bottle or different will be cool.