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Jan 12, 2012 10:03 AM

Kid friendly - Sneaky Dees?

Anyone been to Sneaky Dees with a toddler? I love that place and am craving King's Crown Nachos but wondered if I could bring my child with me.

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  1. I think you can until a certain hour in the evening. I would just give them a call first.

    1. Knowing the Disease, they'll probably serve him alcohol :}

      1. During the day I'm sure it's fine. The evening? Hire a babysitter.

        1. My son has been going to Sneaky Dee's since he was born.

          1. I've seen people in there with kids even at dinnertime on weekdays, but like the others I wouldn't try it after that. Weekends during the day, you're golden.

            The only caveat is that the music is sometimes loud and relatively abrasive, so if you've got a fusser on your hands it may not work out. Good luck!

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              Thanks everyone! We went this week, at around 6:30, and it was such fun. The waiter greeted us with colouring books and crayons, the bouncer helpfully suggested we leave the stroller at the front door where he could watch it, and everyone was super friendly to our son, including the hipster clientele. He had a blast. It's on the list of kid friendly places now!