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Jan 12, 2012 09:19 AM

Do all Costcos carry the same things?

I am going to be coming through the GTA and was wondering about costcos and the food they carry. I was in London and in Windsor and the Windsor location had siginifcantly more veal, greekish, and more Mediterranean type items than the London one. I could chalk it up to timing, but I wasn't sure.

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  1. Not all Costcos carry the same things. For example, the Costco on Wilson near Dufferin, in Toronto, carries a wide variety of Kosher meats. I have never seen this at any other Costco in the Toronto area. Also, some Costcos are out of some items, while others still have them in stock. But, for the most part, I think their stock is generally the same, with a few exceptions.

    1. Looking for specific items (in this case it was Macadamia nuts, but I've noticed it with non-food items as well), different Costco locations in the GTA do not always have the same stock.

      1. Definitely not and it seems the only way to find out is to visit different ones. and th

        1. I would say that about 80% of stock etc. is the same and then the rest seems to gear to the area in which it's located. As mentioned, the one on Wilson (near a very Jewish part of town) has a lot of Kosher stuff. I would suggest that with the large Eastern Med. population in Detroit the Windsor one (since it's close) may be why you find more Mediterranean type items.


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            We were surprised to find many more food items in the Heartland Mall than in the Scarborough Costco. I would prefer a lot more food items but a drive to Brampton would certainly cut into any price savings. I think that in addition to the local demographics some of the difference is accounted for by the size of the store. As long as I continue to believe that I save about 1/3 on groceries at Costco I'm happy. I must say going into a "real" supermarket from time to time is a shocking experience as I note the prices on items that I usually buy at Costco.

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              I tend to agree, but now that I am paying more attention (mostly because of my Mother who watches sales and clips coupons like a hawk) I have found many exceptions to this rule of things being cheaper at Costco. For example, often San Pellegrino and Perrier carbonated mineral water are on sale cheaper at Sobeys. Also, No Frills sells the Dr. Oetker pizza often for $2.99 which is less than what a 3-pak of them sells for at Costco. Of course, I like convenience too so I only stock up on sales when I just happen to be at somewhere other than Costco.

          2. Costco tailors their stock to each store's demographic. I shop at 2 Costcos in New Jersey and 1 in Montreal and there are differences in just about all of their categories except perhaps paper and cleaning products.